10 tips to make your phone battery last longer

phone batteryYou are just waiting for the train connection or flight, dreaming about your upcoming holiday when you realize that your phone is at 15% battery life. And there are no chances to charge it soon.

So it is time to find out some solutions and to come up with some ideas.

Since we are always connected, nowadays it seems so hard even to turn off for a minute your mobile phone. We are becoming addicted, is not it?

How many times you were in some kind of situation where you were running out of your phone battery? It happened to me like… hundreds of times.

Especially when you are travelling it is not the best situation to be involved in, you never know if you need it for anything; or you are waiting for an important call, as well as you need to check out your job emails. So basically you need your phone.

What to do in order to save your phone battery?

When I travel I try to save up some phone battery by implementing some “strategies” at the same time.

And most of the times it works. Which is amazing.


10 Tips to make your phone battery last longer

*1 Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality

Even if there is no Wi-Fi zone available in the area, you know how much battery does your phone consume to try and look for it? A lot. Basically it constantly looks for some Wi-Fi zones, and so it needs energy, which takes directly from your battery. So remember to turn it off: this will be your first step to save some power.

*2 Shorten screen timeout

This is one of the most important tips, since many times you do not even take it into consideration. It is related to the time the screen of your phone will remain lit after you finish using it. I strongly suggest you to put like the minimum timeout available on your phone. This way your phone will not waste energy when you are not using it.

*3 Write back when you are offline

How many times you look for Wi-Fi zones? Always, let us be honest. So what about writing messages and emails when you are offline? And save them as a draft, or even send to your recipients.

You know what? When you catch the Wi-Fi area, in less than 10 seconds all messages you sent will reach their destinations. Without wasting time. Is not it cool?

*4 Use auto brightness mode

Another way to save up some battery is to use the auto brightness mode on your phone. This way you will not probably able even to watch the screen, but who cares for now. You will shift it again later on when you really need it.

*5 Turn on Airplane mode

Are you on the plane ready to fly? So put your phone on the airplane mode. Right.

But even if you are not on a plane, why do not consider to use it? This way you will not get any connection, messages and calls. But you will keep your phone alive for later on, when you need it. Who knows?

*6 Power-saving mode

Usually I keep the power-saving mode on my phone, even when there is no reason at all. It may be wrong, I know. Anyway especially under certain conditions when you have to keep your phone lasts longer, this is something you have to put.

*7 Turn off vibrations

I was so surprised to discover that actually vibrations consume more power than ringtones. But this is the reality. So even if they are very useful since they notify about the incoming messages and calls, it is better to use ringtones or silent mode.

Saving energy, mode ON.

*8 Turn your phone off when you do not need at all

After checked out your messages and replied to the urgent messages, did the call you needed well I guess it is time to turn your phone off. This way for sure it will keep more battery and you will turn it on again when it is needed.

*9 Maintain cool temperature

Have you ever thought that your phone battery consumes faster when the phones are hot or cold? Extreme temperatures can drain your phone battery, so my advice is trying to do not leave it under direct sunlight or taking hundreds or pictures and videos if you are in the street with -20 degrees: this will help your phone to survive some minutes more.

*10 Spend time with yourself

Your phone is not available right now. Neither your laptop.

You have some time to spend with yourself. Go and buy yourself an amazing coffee, enter a library and get lost into the beauty of reading. Smile and think of what it comes next: your next adventure, all the ideas you have in mind, anything.

Just feel free to love yourself: you do not need any internet connection for making it real.


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