11 delicious Christmas desserts from the world

dessertsAs Christmas is approaching, it is time to check out which are the typical desserts you can find around the globe. Surely you already know how much I do love desserts and so I really cannot wait to kick off this delicious dessert tour.

11 delicious Christmas desserts

*1 Piernik (Poland)

If you are spending Christmas time in Poland, you will have the chance of tasting this very good dessert. Wondering about the key ingredients of the Polish Gingerbread? This soft and aromatic cake, layered with plum jam, contains cinnamon, ginger, dried fruit fillings and chocolate glaze. How do you like it?
I know, I see you already on your way looking for the closest bakery.

*2 Rum cake (Jamaica)

Heading over to Central America, it is time to get to the stunning country of Jamaica. A typical Christmas dessert from the Caribbean area is the rum soaked fruit cake: it is a perfect mix of dried fruits, currants, raisins soaked in dark rum for months. What to drink with your slice of rum cake? Go for a glass of sorrel. This healthy drink is one the most popular Jamaican ones during Christmas time. 😉

*3 Šakotis (Lithuania)

Time to fly to Northern Europe and stop to enjoy our dessert in Lithuania. A very typical cake is named Sakotis, which literally means tree cake. This unique cake has a flagrant flavor and a gentle scent of vanilla, and try to guess? I like it very much. It is cooked on a rotating spit in an oven or over an open fire and you can find it in each corner of the country during Christmas time. Ready to try this Lithuanian delight?

*4 Potica (Slovenia)

Welcome to the beautiful country of Slovenia, where Potica is a very traditional cake. It is a rolled dough cake with a great variety of fillings. In the original version was a walnut roll; could you imagine that nowadays are known more than 50 various types of fillings? They can include cottage cheese, raisins, even chocolate.

*5 Perekladanets (Ukraine)

Here is a present for you if you are in Ukraine at the moment. In order to fight against the cold weather, what better than having a slice (at least) of this cake? Perekladanets is filled with various fillings, like apricot, walnut, poppy seeds. Each version of it tastes really good: I really cannot wait to have my next slice of it!

*6 Melomakarona (Greece)

Melomakarona: simply amazing. If you have not ever heard about these incredibly yummy Greek honey cookies, then it is time to write them down in this Christmas list. First time I tried them I completely fell in love. Melomakarona are sweet honey cookies, topped with walnuts. You will get addicted to them. Just one of the million reasons why I love Greece. 

*7 Vinarterta (Iceland)

Ready to enjoy another delicious cake? Vinarterta cake is a multi-layered cake made from alternating layers of amazing ingredients as cardamom flavoured plum jam and biscuits, apricots. cinnamon. Since I really love desserts and dried fruit, I can say this cake is one of my favorite ones. So tasty, energetical and sweet. Simply amazing!

*8 Pepparkakor (Sweden)

What about some delicious biscuits? When in Sweden please remember to go and taste these thin and crispy spice cookies. You can find them all during the whole year, but they are especially popular at Christmas. Their main ingredients? Honey, ginger and cinnamon. During this period, they are often combined with the aroma of glögg, Swedish mulled wine. Just a perfect mix!

*9 Bolo Rei de Natal (Portugal)

Heading over to Western Europe, time to land in Portugal. This wonderful country is well known for its delicious desserts, as pasteis de nata (my true love). During Christmas time an amazing Bolo Rei is waiting for you. Even if it is a dessert, this is more a like a sweet bread, with a hole in the center and baked from a soft dough, with several nuts and raisins. I still remember its taste: it is always the right moment for a slice (or even two, three) of it. 😀

*10 Bibingka (the Philippines)

This spongy rice cake is native to the Philippines and it is really delicious. It is made from freshly milled rice (galapong), coconut milk and topped with several flavors: by having it for breakfast looks like the best way to kick off the day 😉

*11 Bejgli (Hungary)

Let us end our food tour with Bejgli, a super traditional and delicious walnut roll: it is served in many Hungarian families during this period. You can easily find it in any shop or bakery. There are several types of fillings, even if the most popular are the ones with walnut and poppy seeds.
What can I say? It is really delicious, just as all Hungarian desserts. Yes, I love them all.

And after reading this list of amazing desserts? I am heading to the kitchen and make some of them! 😉

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  1. So cool to read about desserts from all over the world! I want to try all of these!


  2. I’ll take that rum cake please as well as that cake I can’t pronounce from Greece please! So much good food!


  3. Konstantina

    December 17, 2018

    I already saved 3 of them on my list. I can’t believe there are so many desserts I haven’t even heard of. Amazing post !!


  4. Gervin Khan

    December 18, 2018

    I already tasted some of these desserts and they are all really delicious.
    I would love to try some of these desserts from other countries as it looks so delicious too!


  5. Almost all the desserts listed here are looking great in pictures. I just hope they will be yummy. Great suggestions for desserts during Christmas.


  6. yumyum… reading this makes me hungry… i just had bibingka this morning after simbang-gabi..


  7. I am loving the sound of these yummy desserts. I will be trying a couple of them. Thanks for sharing this list.


  8. So good to know about all these delicious desserts for Christmas from the world. My personal favourite is rum cake.


  9. Blair villanueva

    December 24, 2018

    Wow why these desserts are said to be so good and hard to pronounce?! Hooray for including our local bombings, this is a must every holiday season.


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