12 easy ways to save money and travel more

moneyMost of the time people believe that you cannot afford traveling because you need a lot of money. Even if money are indeed needed, I do believe we all are able to find out some time and financial resources for traveling. Have you ever thought how much money can you save every single day in an easy way? There are plenty of options, it is really just up to us.

Over the years I discovered that it is really easy to save money and keep them with you. It does not require any kind of big effort. It sounds amazing, is not it?

12 easy ways to save money and travel more

*1 Write a list before go shopping

How many times we enter a supermarket and we end up buying lots of things we do not even need? And maybe we forget to buy what we were looking for. I know, it happened plenty of times to me (and it still happens), but I am working on it and I can say having your list is a great way to save time and money.

*2 Prepare meals at home

This is a great, healthy and wise choice. What about enjoying your lunch break at work by eating your favorite dish? The one you made the day before at home? It is really amazing to eat what you like the most. And you end up eating every day something different. Healthy, fresh and homemade. That is the style!

*3 No plastic: time to use pottery/glass dishes

It has been long time since I started to cut off plastic dishes and glasses from my shopping list: you cannot imagine how I feel happy about it. Less plastic waste, a small big help for the environment, more money in your pocket. This is a wonderful combination and I will do my best by trying and keeping it on, by improving day after day.

*4 Go to the library

Do you need a new book or may just to read some pages of it? Going to the library is an amazing secret I discovered while attending my University. You can just go there, grab the books you need, read them and leave them back. No money are needed. You do not need to buy anything. You can learn, increase your knowledge in a fantastic and unique way. Go for it!

*5 Go volunteering to some events

Either you live in a big city or in the countryside, during the year there are so many events and festivals who need people to work in. What about attending a delicious chocolate festival as a volunteer? You will be spending 2 or 3 days in the event, having a lot of chances to learn new secrets and also to try out some products. Saving money while traveling? We simply love it!

*6 Order smaller servings at restaurants

From time to time it is amazing to go and enjoy a meal in a restaurant. To discover another dish, to try out a new recipe. Many times it seems that when you are at a restaurant, it is mandatory to order several dishes. Instead, it is much more better to ask for what you feel at the moment. You can ask for one dish or maybe two dishes (half portion). This way you are sure to go and eat it all, to eat in a healthy way, without wasting food and money. I mean, perfetto!

*7 Drink more water

Water is able to refresh you, by giving you a lot of energy and also reducing your hunger. It looks like a magical element and probably it is. When you think is time to eat some snack or appetizer, most of the time you do not realize you are not hungry but only thirsty. Drinking more water is the best solution!

*8 Eat breakfast

I love breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. I love it and so I prefer sleep less and have at least 30 minutes for enjoying my breakfast. When you take breakfast (a good one, not only a cup of coffee), then your body is full of energy and you are going to eat less throughout the day, without looking for something to eat every single hour. Breakfast, your secret ally. (and here are 5 typical breakfast from the world)

*9 Check out free events to attend

Besides the opportunity of working as a volunteer in some events, you can also easily check out online events, museums and art galleries you can visit for free. There are certain days (like Sundays) or period of the year (not only holiday periods) where there is free access to many of these stunning places. How to discover the world and increase our personal culture in a very cheap way.

*10 Keep things in order 

Being tidy could be really challenging but it can bring you lots of benefits. How many times we go and buy something just because we think we run out of it? Then we come back home and suddenly it appears. Trying to be tidy (another aspect on which I am working on) it raises your chances to be able and save extra money.

*11 Gardening 

It looks like a very nice hobby and I really like it. What if we take care of some plants and start to eat our homemade products? From several vegetables to any kind of fruit, you can plant whatever you like the most. All you need is a pot and love, the key ingredient. It will be super great to discover that you do not need to head over to the supermarket because you have already at home some ingredients.

*12 Pack food for trips

Are you planning a weekend off? This is great. It could be half day as well as 3 days, packing food and drinks for your trips is always a great choice. You do not need to stop and buy water and something to eat every single moment: you have already them with you, ready to enjoy them any time you want.

Saving money and investing them into your next travel is so easy 😉


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