15 wonderful reasons to experience to live abroad

live abroadLive abroad for a while? One of the best experiences you can make in your life. Discovering a new reality, get surprised from hearing another point of view, find out a new kind of food, get lost into the street of another city, try to understand another language.

Facing opportunities, some challenges. Be happy, be glad, learn a lot. Grow a lot. Getting stronger day by day. It is not like go and spend a weekend abroad, not just an holiday, it is much more. It is a trip, an adventure within yourself.


By writing this article, well I realized how much passion I am putting in it. All these reasons came to my mind in a while. Maybe because of some moments that I always bring with me. Some landscapes from Lithuania, some corners of Portugal, some moments from Albania.

All these feelings, all the moments, all the experiences. Everything is natural, everything is spontaneous.


Need some reasons more to go and live abroad for a while? Here you go. Make yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable, the trip is about to start!


15 wonderful reasons to live abroad for a while

*1 To discover yourself

How many times you do something just because everyone acts like this? Too many. If you go on following others, you will never discover what you love, what your mind and your heart are looking for. You will not even be able to realize what you really like.

Do you go to the cinema because you are forced by your friends?

Do you need to wait each Friday and Saturday just to party? Is this your ambition? Is this our next goal to achieve, your life long mission?

I do believe it is much, much, much more than just this.

By spending a lot of time just with yourself you will understand, unconsciously, plenty of things about your own person. Some things you have never thought before and things you could not even imagine close to you. Some aspects of your life you never considered just because so far from your “previous” everyday reality.

Take your life in your own hands, it is time to go and enjoy what you really like.

Time for loving yourself. Finally.


*2 Open your horizons, increase your network

Have you ever heard about the famous “comfort zone”? Yes, that land made by your home, your closest friends, your city, your habits. Too easy, too easy to live in it.

It is so easy to live in it that sometimes you start to hate it. It looks like a prison. So, what to do? Just being stuck in your life events, without controlling anything? Or maybe take some courage into yourself and make a new step?

In your experience abroad, you will open your mind. From learning a new word, to seeing other products selling in the market. From a new kind of breakfast to a different street to walk in to get home. Each single corner of the city is going to teach you a lot. It gives you the chance to grow. To face new situations and to smile even under the rain, without an umbrella. To look at how many different cool people there are in the world.

By opening your horizons, you will learn a lot. You will discover how many things  you can do. Something you have never tried before because all your friends were telling you “do not do it”, because your country style uses to say “no” to certain behaviors. You will realize that something so weird in your country, it is totally fine in another country instead.

They are not crazy. They are just living their own lives. Go, take a look at this, make the most of it.


*3 To find out how to be independent

You have always dreamt to be independent, one day. To be able to pay the rent of your accommodation, or enter the supermarket and choose the best lunch available for your stomach, without taking a look at your pocket; to date your dreamy girl and spend the weekend with her, no matter how much it will cost.

That day finally has come. Nobody is giving you money, nobody is smiling at you and buying you what you want. Everything you get is just because of you.

Your effort, your patience, your strength.

It is easy to be at home and ask for some relatives helps. To ask for an hug from your best friend during a not-so-sunny day. To turn on the radio, the TV and listen to the news, in your own language. Today is not anymore like this. You understand another language. Your best friend is still there, able to help you, always in your heart. Same with your family, just some kilometers away.

The day is over and you studied, worked, eaten, slept, smiled. On your own. 101%


*4  To understand the importance of your family and real friends

How many times did you come back home and angrily reply to your parents? How many time did you meet some friends of yours and got angry after one minute?

When you are living always the same situation, the same routine, you end up not looking at them at all. Not enjoying them at all. Everything is taken for granted. You are not able to catch all the love they give you, to understand in a proper way what they try to say, how they want to help you. Everything is something that is “normal”  that you have.

When you look at the same things, but kilometers away, you will listen more carefully to those words, to that advice, to that joke, to that secret recipe they share with you.

It becomes instantly very precious. And clear. You will be able to see who is your friend, and who just it is supposed to be. You can be in touch with them every day or once in a month, this is not the point: the key is just the connection. When you trust someone else, you know that you do not even need to explain to them many things: they have already understood you, your point of view.

And they like you. Just as you are.


*5  Stop reading the experiences of other people: time to make yours!

Especially nowadays, it seems always the right moment to read some news about what happens in the world. It seems that you have to take at least a few minutes off from your day, in order to read news about people so far from you. A football player, a singer, your cousin, your ex-best friend, gossip, and all this stuff.

Stop for a while. Do you really need it? I mean, could you survive without listening to them? I do believe you can easily get rid of all these news, all this wasted time.

It is time to write a new chapter of your life. To make everyday a special day, to fill in with some magical moment: yours, magical moments. It is time to write it down in your daily book, called life.


*6 To always find new solutions

How many times you thought it was impossible doing something? You were not even trying it out. It is all about the fact that you do not trust yourself enough. For anything you were not able to fix, to solve quickly, you were asking for help. This is too much. Why waiting for the help of others when you can do it by yourself? It is just a challenge: one of the endless lists you will face in your life.

Knowing to count on the help of others can be nice, sure, it can increase your tranquility, it looks like a safe harbor.

Go abroad, face different conditions, go out your comfort zone. And you will try out different situations. When you ordered your first coffee in a downtown bar. When you tried to catch the last metro train instead of coming back home by foot. That time it was midnight and you were locked out. And what about when the fridge did not work properly? Not to mention that weekend full of troubles with your bank account.

It does not matter. You can be sure about one thing: for each problem, for each obstacle you will be able to find the way. The right way. And everything you will learn, it will become part of your body, of your soul, of your heart: you learnt it in first person. You lived it on your skin.


*7 Coming up with new ideas

How many times, while you walk randomly in the streets of the city, you see many things for the first time? It could be a business shop; a souvenir store; a type of cooking; a way to sell some products; a way to enjoy your life.

Going abroad, you will see many things, many habits that for locals are just their routine.

But not you. And what about thinking of bringing them back home? I mean, to take the most out of them and use them for your personal and professional growth? It is not easy. It is not simple. Otherwise everyone would have done it before. The secret is to enjoy and look at their work, at their lifestyle, at their way of living.

But this is so cool. You horizons are getting bigger and bigger, day by day. You combine your own ideas with new ones. There are no limits.

Just go, explore the surroundings, explore yourself, get lost into new adventures.


*8  To learn how to communicate in another language

How easy it was to speak Italian for you until yesterday. To speak German. To speak your own language. You probably have not ever realized it, since it was just one out of the hundreds of things you took for granted. And this is a wonderful discovery. Going abroad, spending time with people speaking their own language, try to understand what they are talking about, try to learn a new word every day.

Another language, another way of communication is possible. You just did not know it some days, months, years before. And in these months abroad, you will learn how to survive in several solutions even with your tiny vocabulary: it will increase step by step, trust me.

And it will be so cool then, realizing everything months afterwards. To look behind and see your progress. And it will be easier sometimes to speak the new language instead of your native one. Yeah, you will end up forgetting some native words. Incredible, but amazing. That is the power of travelling.


*9 To be born again, to live a new chapter of your life

You may be living in the best city of the world. You may have everything you desire. But you are not happy at all. Habits can easily kill you: they just want you to always have the same routine.

You begin to stop thinking about other solutions, other plans.

Go. Travel. Choose another destination that you know the less about: it seems like to be a baby, to travel for your first time. Everything become colourful, everything looks new. Just perfect. Look at that street with 3 pharmacies, at the parks full of cats, at the bakery ready to give you the most delicious local food at 6am every single morning: everything is different.

Everything is cool. Like you.


*10 To live the loneliness and enjoy it: a key point of your life

Time with yourself. When it was the last time you did something for yourself? It has passed so much time that it is becoming harder even just to remember it. Our lives are always under pressure: you have to finish the homework before getting back in the elementary class;  try to not be late and pick up your girlfriend at the gym after her lessons; go and have the lunch with your friend, as you promised; try to get back home in time, since your sister is waiting you for having dinner together. Be in time and do not reply late to that message.

Always running up and there, always rushing. What about you?

Going and spending some time abroad can allow you to understand how to relax, to learn how to do it. To see many things from another point of view. To give yourself the importance you need.

Do you want to go and run each evening this week? Go for it.

Do you want to go to the library and get lost in the books without having a clue about the time? Again, go for it.

Step by step, every day something new, something more. This way you will do exactly what is in your mind. There is no right, there is no wrong. You are finally enjoying time with yourself. For yourself. Finding time to read a book, finding time to make the recipe of the cake you wanted since years.

When you feel fine, in love with yourself, you are the winner.


*11 To collect memories, not things

How many times did you lose some object? Something you were in love with? Honestly, I have stopped counting them for a while. A bracelet, a postcard, a ring. That pen from your graduation, that headphones you brought with the first money you earned. Everything is nice, but still an object.

While you will be abroad, you will realize how this is just simple stuff. Materials. What really matters is the feeling behind it. The feelings that you bring with you. You will realize that what really matters is to collect memories by doing something: a cool tour in the city, that breakfast looking at the sea, sleeping under the sky full of stars in a different city.

Many experiences, every one of them is nice and precious for some reason. This is what will let you grow, this is what will give you energy and power when you need it.

They are always with you. Here, there, day and night.


*12 To see from another perspective your country of origin

The pasta you make every day, that you are almost bored to cook. The same streets, the same corners you look at, while waiting stuck in the traffic jam of rush-hour. The same bar you like, but it appears always the same to your eyes.

Going abroad, you will see everything in another way. More objective. Realistic.

You will miss some aspects of your country. You will find out how many things in your country that are very good; how much your country has to learn comparing with other ones; how many things you can only find in your country, in your village, in your city, in your market.

You will may end up loving your country again. Like you never did before.

For sure, you will be more able to see in a clear way many different aspects, curiosities, stereotypes and facts of your country of origin.


*13 To be proud of yourself

People talk and talk and talk. They do not know anything about your own life: they just want to tell you how you should behave, what you should do, what is right and what is wrong.

You can be sure that, the less they know, the more they want to teach you.

How many times you have not done something just because someone else told you “do not do it”; how many times you have done something, but always listening to people around you ready to criticize your point of view; and how many times did you spend to listen to the others? Too many. Do not allow anyone to judge you, to stop you, to limit your freedom.

Look at yourself, at the tiger inside you. How beautiful you are! Your soul. Inside and outside. Only you know how many obstacles you faced, how many problems you found on the way.

And, any time, you were able to find a way to overcome them; to fix them; to face and deal with them and to learn a lot from them.

Your courage, your passion, your effort. Without saying anything, without any support.

Just you. Just yourself. Be brave, be proud of yourself.


*14 To realize, experience after experience, the wonderful person you are right now

Go. Travel. Explore.

Never stop discovering new corners, smiling, being curious.

Go and chase your dreams.  

You will never regret it!


*15 Love yourself

Here and there. Everywhere on Earth. To learn the best secret ever for keeping up your sunny smile.



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