2 wonderful villages in Europe: Horezu (Romania) and Hollókő (Hungary)

villagesGood morning travelers! 😉
Today we are going to discover two stunning villages in Eastern side of Europe. Looking for an itinerary off the beaten path? Searching for some places where you could still feel the ancient traditions? Welcome to this amazing historical and cultural tour. Two amazing small cities are waiting for us: Horezu (Romania) and Hollókő (Hungary). I recently visited both of them and I got very surprised by admiring their beauty and traditions.

2 wonderful villages in Europe

1* Horezu (Romania)

(Around 220 km from Bucharest, Romanian capital city)

Let us start our trip with this lovely village located in the Central-Western part of Romania. What does it make this place so incredible? Easy. Beside the unique atmosphere of the village, Horezu is well known for its pottery traditions. If ceramics is your thing, you definitely need to go and spend some time in here. Amazing landscapes, home-made food and different historical places to explore (such as Horezu Monastery, a World Heritage Site). If you are in Bucharest, you can plan to take a bus which bring you in Horezu in around 3,5-4 hours. So it could be a great idea even just to organize one day-trip to get closer to some nice Romanian traditions. Magical Horezu 😉

2* Hollókő (Hungary)

(Around 95km from Budapest, Hungarian capital city)

Ready to walk into the history? Hollókő is able to bring you back to another century. Just by walking into the city center, you will feel like its positive energy. This old village, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is keeping all its old traditions. I really enjoyed it a lot, since I did not expect it at all. If you are having a weekend in Budapest, then I do recommend you to go and check out this lovely village. It will not take you more than 1,5 hour by bus to get here. What better than discovering such an amazing place while trying out the delicious home-made food, as Hungarian cakes? Perfect, is not it?

Horezu and Hollókő. Such an unexpected, stunning surprise. Such wonderful villages!


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