3 Days in Rome? Your amazing tour to discover the Eternal City

romeWelcome to Rome

Welcome to Rome, welcome to the Eternal City. Every time I come back to my hometown, I get lost into the magic streets, ending up to admire some beautiful monuments and eat a super tasty gelato!

Basically, any time I have the chance to come back in there, I fall in love once again. So, you have 3 days ahead of you for visiting Rome? Even if it may be not enough, we will do our best in order to discover as many places and attractions as we can.


*Two logistical tips before starting the trip

  • Accomodation

As I usually suggest to my friends, if you want to save money and still be very close to the city center, the idea is to find an accommodation really close to the stops of the red line of underground (Line A). Public transportation is okay but still not the best one in Rome, however the underground do really work well: this way, you can get to the city center in 15/20 minutes.

  • Museum free-entry

The 1st Sunday of each month, you can visit a lot of museums for free, since there is free-entry. There is a big line at the entrance (like anytime you can get something for free) but it is absolutely worthy (especially if you are a museums lover) and visiting them for free sounds cool. So bear that in mind.



*Day 1 – Coliseum, Venice square, Campidoglio, Pantheon

So, as first day you can start and breathe the air of ancient Rome. An example it could be:

  • Coliseum get off the underground (Blue line, B, stop Colosseo) and you will have just in front of you this wonderful monument. It is an area full of sun and light, so especially in summertime will be so hot, so remind you can refill your bottle of water in the fountain just outside the station – a “Nasone”, one of many Rome’s curiosities. If you want to visit Coliseum from inside the best option is to book the ticket online in advance, without wasting precious time and energy in the line. You can continue your walk towards Fori Imperiali street, to see the ruins of the Roman Empire. You will end up in
  • Venice square, where you will find the Vittoriano, one of the Italian patriotic symbols inaugurated in 1911, celebrating the Unification of Italy and its freedom. The view from there is amazing, just perfect in order to enjoy the landscape. Enjoy the view, take some pictures, and enjoy again. Then it is time to go and take a look at
  • Campidoglio, one of the best square of the city. The best way to get there is taking la Cordonata. If you go on, on Marcello street, then you will find Marcello Theatre on your right side, and shortly after, turn right again and you will find the Synagogue. Going on your walking along the river, and turn to Arenula street on the right, go straight and you will get Argentina square, and then you will get to the
  • Pantheon, the ancient Roman temple devoted to divinities.


*Day 2 – Vatican city, St. Angel castle, Navona square, Campo dei Fiori

Did you have the chance to rest a bit yesterday at night? Cool, since today is another day full of walking; after a nice, energetic breakfast you can go and take the underground, line B, and get off at Ottaviano stop.

  • St. Peter Dome, get off at Ottaviano stop (line B, the blue one) and go to Conciliazione street, where you will see in front of you the beauty of St. Peter Dome. Sometimes it happens to be stuck into the traffic, when suddenly it appears this stunning view from Conciliazione street and… you forget everything. This street is amazing to see, it’s like a painting. Again, as for the Coliseum, if you want to visit inside the best option is to book the ticket online in advance.
  • St. Angel Castle, after visiting such a great part of Rome, take again Conciliazione street and you will get to St. Angel Castle. In the meanwhile, you can just walk across the Tiber, the river of Rome. Especially if you are in Rome in summertime, remind that from the end of May/beginning of June until the end of August/beginning of September many bars, pubs, shops are setting up just along the river, and so during the evening you can take a nice walk and eat, drink, relax, play or just enjoy this side from another point of view. After across the St. Angel bridge, you can continue your walk until
  • Navona square, where you will find also the Four river Fountain of Bernini, fantastic expression of the art.
  • Campo dei Fiori, a famous square with Giordano Bruno statue. In this area you will also find many pubs and restaurants where you can enjoy your evening. Also, if you feel like walking for a bit more (500 meters), just cross Sisto bridge, and you will get to
  • Trilussa square always crowded and one square where locals and tourists usually spend the evening, in the magic atmosphere.


*Day 3 – Spagna square, Corso street, Popolo square, Pincio

And we have arrived to the 3rd day in Rome. Time flies, doesn’t it? Do you want to discover more about Rome? Today we are going to do a very pleasant walk, jumping from one monument to another one. It is one of my favourite tours, and that it is why I leave it for the last day.

  • Spagna square, this is our starting point. Get off at Spagna stop (Red line, A) and you will end up in the marvelous Spagna Square, with the famous Barcaccia fountain. From there, just go straight and take Condotti Street, one of the streets with many famous brands, shops and go ahead until you cross
  • Corso street, then turn left and just follow the indications and you will find Trevi Fountain (it has been recently renewed) and the Pantheon on the other side. Then come back on Corso Street, and you will find Colonna square. Hungry? I have a very cool idea for you. I really suggest to you to stop for a gelato (ice-cream): just walk for 300 meters from Corso street towards Colonna square and you will get to Giolitti. It is more than ice-cream, it is a dream into the dream. It works like a magnet for me, every time I am walking there (summer, winter, rainy or sunny days does not matter) I just need to go for an ice-cream. True love. After coming back to the world and reality, if you go to Corso street until the end, you will find
  • Popolo square, another wonderful piece of history of Rome. It is a great place, where you can take some pictures, rest a bit, and then my advice is to go up to
  • Pincio, just up this square, from where you can take a nice view of Rome, St. Peter dome, Vittoriano and many other beauties and attractions. Just behind it, you will find one of the most famous public park in Rome, Villa Borghese, for your deserved rest after this magical and challenging trip.


More time in Rome? You can go and explore Roman Castles!


*Italian Key words

And what about learning some Italian words before your trip? Of course, here you go!

  • Hello – Ciao
  • Yes / No – Sì / No
  • Thank you – Grazie
  • You are welcome Prego
  • Excuse me – Mi scusi
  • Good morning Buongiorno
  • ”        afternoon Buon pomeriggio
  • ”        evening Buonanotte


*Country basic information

  • Name: Italy (Italia)
  • Continent: Europe
  • Location: Southern Europe, UTC +1 (CET)
  • Country code: +39
  • Currency: Euro
  • Capital city: Rome
  • Main airports: Rome Fiumicino, Milan Malpensa, Bergamo, Milan Linate, Venice, Catania, Bologna, Naples, Rome Ciampino, Palermo


Wish you a super pleasant stay in Rome!

Ci vediamo presto (See you soon)

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