5 Breakfasts from the world: a delicious food tour

. TbreakfastWhat better way than to start the day with an amazing and tasty breakfast?

I am a big fan of breakfast, this is not a secret anymore. Basically it does not matter where I am in the world: I wake up already smiling because I am going to make the best meal. It is like an every day dream that becomes true: it is the way your body wakes up after the night, it is the rainbow that brightens your sunrise.


If you are still wondering how much time you should spend on it well I suggest you to take a look in here (Breakfast? 10 easy steps to start and love it instantly): talking personally, I could spend 2 hours just sitting and enjoying my awakening process.

And one thing I like to do it is try and change what to eat: it is always amazing to try new foods, to combine several varieties of food and create your magical dish.


Ever thought about the typical breakfast of other countries in the world? I started to feel so curious about that since a few years ago I started to look for more about it: by reading or trying it directly on the spot, my breakfast horizon becomes bigger and bigger and I cannot be more happy than this.


Any examples of breakfast? Time to move on and start to explore this magical land.


5 tasty breakfasts from the world

*1 Egypt, Africa

Let us start this culinary trip to the northern side of Africa, where you can get an amazing meal for your breakfast: Ful Medames, which most Egyptians consider as the national dish. It consists of fava beans, tomatoes, garlic, lemon juice, onions, parsley, cumin and olive oil. Usually it can be served with boiled eggs and bread (Eish Masri or Eish Baladi): the bread is very important in the Egyptian culture and it literally means “life”.

And what to drink besides it? Coffee and tea are always available for a great breakfast. In addition to this you should not miss to try out karkadè, an infusion of hibiscus that can be served cold or hot.

What if you need some sweets to start the day? Then you should consider to try Halawa, which is eaten at breakfast as well as after lunch or dinner: made from sesame paste, it is sometimes infused with other types of food to add to its flavor, like pistachios and almonds.

Looking for some ideas and recipes able to boost up your energy level in the morning? This quick trip to Egypt will help you a lot.



*2 Switzerland, Central  Europe

BirchermuesliSweet taste this morning? Good news for you. In Switzerland many people love to start the day with a bowl of Birchermüesli: a powerful energetic mix of oatmeal, raisins and yogurt stuffed with a lot of fresh fruits like apples, bananas, peaches, etc. It is drizzled also with some berries and dry fruits (like walnuts and hazelnuts) and love. This kind of breakfast is similar to others in the centre of Europe. Every single time you can make it as you want, with your favorite ingredients: let your creativity express itself and make an amazing breakfast for you. With a great coffee ready to raise you up.



*3 Costa Rica, Central America

Time to move on and continue our tasty food tour. What if I tell you Gallo Pinto? This is one of the most famous dishes of this amazing and lovely country, which is often served for breakfast. It consists of rice with black and red beans, dressed with spices as garlic, onion, coriander and served also with fried banana and vegetables: your secret power to raise your energy throughout the day.

What does make this dish special? The magical Salsa Lizano, which is super good on everything and also suitable for vegetarians. Wondering what to drink? Go for a coffee: you will be delighted after trying such pure aroma of a real coffee.



*4 Canada, North America

pancakesIn love with the tasty pancakes? Let me welcome you in Canada, where one option for breakfast is to have pancakes topped with maple syrup. For breakfast and sweets lover this sounds kind of like heaven. If sweets are your thing let me suggest you can insert in the breakfast the super delicious Nanaimo Bars. These are tthree layers of pure love: crunchy biscuits base, custard and topped with chocolate. Typical of Christmas, it can be an amazing choice if you need an infusion of sugar in the early morning.  The salty breakfast offers you many choices, like eggs, bacon, sausages and toast. Just choose the dish you feel like and add a warm coffee to complete it.



*5 Thailand, Asia

Located in the heart of the Asiatic Continent, Thailand is able to offer lots of tasty food. One breakfast food is Jauk (rice porridge), dressed with garlic, ginger and parsley and boiled eggs. It is very flavored and it is one of the more consumed dishes. On the sweets side, Thailand is still able to give you some sensational tasty meals, as Pa-tong-goh, a deep-fried donuts. If you can try it when it is fresh and enjoy the crispy surface and the warm tender texture inside. Absolutely delicious.

Besides you can drink an amazing tea or try Nam tau-hu (a hot soy drink), that you can order plain or sweetened.



And you, in which part of the world are you going to have breakfast tomorrow?


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