5 delicious Hungarian cakes: 2nd round of a sweet tour

cakesAny time I think of Hungary, I start dreaming about its delicious cakes. The amazing Hungarian desserts are part of my heart since long time. I do believe that after trying some of them, you will get addicted as well.

I have already talked about their incredible taste in another magical food trip, but since the Hungarian cakes list is quite long, it is time to talk about other ones. Ready to imagine yourself entering an amazing Hungarian bakery?

5 delicious Hungarian cakes

*1 Rigó Jancsi (Chocolate mousse cake)

How to start today’s delicious tour? It is easy. Our first guest of the evening is this fantastic cube-shaped chocolate sponge cake filled with chocolate mousse. I love chocolate and even if you are not a big fan of it, I am pretty sure that you will love its creamy and soft texture in a while. The cake is usually filled with a thin apricot jam layer and covered with a dark chocolate glaze. Amazing, is not it?

*2 Kürtöskalács

This dessert is one of the first ones I saw when I was visiting Budapest for the first time. Basically you will find in each corner of the street these rolls of pastry on wood fires, sprinkled with granulated sugar and cinnamon (but also additional ingredients such as walnuts). Wondering about what makes this cake so special? You will be surprised by realizing how it just is incredibly crispy on the outside and delicately fluffy on the interior. Ready to try it out? 🙂

*3 Krémes (Custard slice)

What about this magical cake? What if I tell you that Krémes is made up of two thin layers of puff pastry and one very generous layer of vanilla pastry cream? I know you are getting hungry. It is really amazing, fantastic, perfect. Crispy and thin layers of bottom and top, which is often covered with icing sugar.
Discovering Hungarian cakes? You are doing it suuuper right 😉

*4 Malna Piskotatekercs (Raspberry cream roll)

And finally it is the right time to check out this amazing rolled sponge cake filled with canned raspberry, whipped cream, cream cheese and fresh raspberries. If you love fruits, then this Hungarian cake is certainly waiting for you. Such a good, tasty, mouth-watering dessert. All you need to do is just choose in which bakery go and grab your slice!

*5 Bejgli (Walnut or poppy seed roll)

Time to move on and discover another tasty product of the Hungarian cuisine. Bejgli is a typical Hungarian Christmas treat. No worries: you will find it any period of the year. It is a pastry consisting in a roll of sweet bread, with several fillings, even if the most common ones are walnuts and poppy seeds. Bejgli is so flavorful that you will start and dream in a while. It is savoury, as well as sweet and perfect for any moment of the day. Breakfast, afternoon or after dinner, just remember to write this name down in your list since it is going to be a pleasant discovery 😉

Hungarian sweet tour? I am always ready for it 😀

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