The best secret to keep fit and relaxed? 5 simple ideas, 15 minutes per day

keep fitTime flies. Some days you wake up, drink your coffee and after a while it is already time to go to sleep. How is this possible? Nobody knows. So many times you find several excuses for not doing any kind of sport, since you can’t find time for it into your daily schedule. Even if we know that an healthy nutrition and doing sports help us to keep fit, surprisingly those are not the only ways to achieve this goal.

I realized how much time you are able to find through the day to love yourself.

To keep fit is not about losing weight or follow a super strict diet: in my opinion, it means to be in harmony with yourself.

To respect yourself and to love yourself.


I summed up it is much more easy than you may think. It is all about your point of view. There is a solution for everything, right? Of course there is. Bear it in mind.


5 simple examples about how to keep yourself fit and relaxed

*1 Do not be sit all day long

How many times have you been hearing this sentence? Probably from each corner, is not it? True. It may look like kind of basic rule: the fact is that you may not even realize how much time you are using to spend sit at your desk, on your couch or just in front of your laptop.

Could you believe that for me it is hard even to look at one entire movie without standing even for a minute? No way. I feel I like I need to be active.

Is it crazy? It could be. Anyway take a few minutes and think of how much time you are spending like this. Then after realizing it, let me tell you a secret: in between your movie, during your job tasks or attending your University course, instead of being sitting above your chair for 2 hours in a row, just stand and make some movement, stretching a bit, take a deep breath and go and take a bit of fresh air, outside, downstairs, anywhere.

This helps your body and it is able to refresh your mind at the same time.

You are able to get more focused about what you were doing before. Ready to try it out? It is for free. 2 minutes like this after each 30/40 minutes you are spending sit. Wonderful.



*2 Elevators? Not today, let us go by stairs

I used to live in flats where I needed to make several stairs in order to get home. Usually located at the third or fourth floor. Could you believe I have always been very happy about it? Even if you run out of time, every day you are going to train yourself a bit. Step more, step less.

What about elevators? Well if you are living or your job office is in a skyscraper you have no excuses too. You may live at 70th floor? I have got a solution for you: get off the elevator at the 65th floor and walk up till you get to your flat.

Going by stairs is even faster, besides the fact is for sure healthier.

Come on, do you think of how much time you spend in front of the elevator door in order to get in? You have to wait. A lot.

Advantages of taking the stairs?

  • Faster (without wasting time waiting for the elevator)
  • Healthier (your body keeps on moving)
  • Efficient (less waiting time & an unconscious training session for you)

You are faster than a stupid elevator 😉



*3 Lunch? Do not be stuck in your office

You are spending all day long sitting and working, I think it could be enough.

Do you really want to spend all day stuck in there? No, not today please. The world is so big for spending the whole day like this.

Today you want to make a super sandwich, a tasty salad for tomorrow lunch. Perfect then. Be aware that tomorrow you are not going to have your lunch in front of your laptop.

Take your salad, your sandwich, your ice cream and go, just go: it does not matter where you are on Earth. If you are in the center of a huge city, then go and enjoy your walk feeling like a tourist. If you are in a small countryside go and take the most of the nature around you. Cold, hot, rainy or snowy day does not make any difference: all you need is change a bit the environment around.

It reduces your stress, it increases your energy level and you are also more active, by moving up and there: 10/15 minutes like this. And you will feel super. Guaranteed.



*4 Wake up and run: a powerful awakening

This is the best part of the day. I simple love it.

What if… you decide to set your alarm clock 2 hours before you need to leave home in the morning? Crazy idea? I usually wake up even 2,5 hours before leaving home, yes, I do: one hour (at least) is taken from the breakfast process.

Such an enjoyable trip every single day.

Besides making your coffee and eating your cake what about leave 3 minutes for some exercises? You can try this way:

  • 2 minutes of stretching
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 abs
  • 1 minute for powerful deep breaths

You do not need more than 5 minutes. Nobody is checking you out, there are no rules to follow or must-to-do exercises: feel free to spend just 5 minutes with yourself. For yourself.

You can be sure these 5 minutes will soon look like 30 minutes, since they give you an incredible power and energy.

You have even time for a proper shower after, just before having breakfast.

Simply an amazing morning!



*5 Park your car far. Keep away from the underground. Let us go by foot today! Feel like a tourist

I love walking. I love it so much that sometimes it seems I run, instead.

To walk. It makes you feel super free, you can go wherever you feel like. Have you ever thought about the benefits a nice walk can give you?

When you walk you have the freedom of spending a lot of time just with yourself while  the scenery around you is changing. Your every day travel. Time with yourself.

So it is time to take the most of it.

What about doing it every day? It will give you new inspirations, more relax.

Instead of parking your car just ten meters away from your arrival point, what about park just a bit more far away and cover this extra distance by walking?

Think of it for a while: after being stuck into the traffic for one hour with your car, leave it far away from your office and you will have 5/10 minutes to walk ahead of you. In order to breathe, to enjoy the day, to start the day in a better way.

It is just perfect: best way to increase your wellness.


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  1. Fabulous tips. I shall try this tomorrow! I normally eat at my comp. Thanks for the timely reminder.


    1. nicoferre

      January 29, 2018

      Thank you very much Dory for your review 🙂 a few tips to love ourselves a bit more 😉


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