5 typical dishes from Córdoba, Spain

CórdobaPlanning to spend a weekend in the stunning city of Córdoba, located in the wonderful Andalusia region? That is definitely a very great choice. Talking about Córdoba I still remember my first visit to the city and its beauty. I got to the city and it was super hot, even for a Mediterranean soul as me: +45°Celsius degrees. Yes, it was. During summer time the weather could be very hot, but you do not care of it since there are plenty of beautiful and cultural sites to discover.

As you know, food is an important part of the trip itself and I also like to write articles about it. Food helps you to get closer with the culture you are visiting, giving you many answers and ways to look at things, by opening your horizons. That is exactly why today we are going to find out more about the typical dishes you could enjoy in this charming city of Andalusia.

5 typical dishes from Córdoba, Spain

*1 Salmorejo (Purée of tomato and bread)

I simply love salmorejo, which I have been eating for lunch plenty of times during my staying in Córdoba. Why? Easy. It is a delicious cold soup, made from tomato, garlic, bread and olive oil and it is always the right moment for enjoying it. Salmorejo is mostly consumed during summer to deal with hot weather and it is similar to Gazpacho, another Spanish cold soup. Normally salmorejo is served with Spanish serrano ham and hard-boiled eggs, just to make it even more special and tasty. So sooo good! 😉

*2 Alcachofas a la Montillana (Artichoke a la Montillana)

Artichoke is probably one of my favorite vegetables and after trying this recipe out, it will probably become yours too. These delicious artichokes are cooked with a tasty white wine of Montilla-Moriles area. You can find them as a starter as well as a dish side, even if it is totally fine to have them as main course for me. You know, love is love!
If you like artichokes as well, take a look at the Roman style artichoke, a dish coming from the ancient tradition of Rome!

*3 Huevos a la Flamenca (Andalusian flamenco eggs)

Moving on another dish I do like, it is time to discover the “Flamenco style eggs”, which are very popular in Córdoba as well as the whole Andalusia. This is a quick dish of baked eggs cooked in a tomato sauce with onions and roasted peppers and it tastes very good. Just the perfect dish able to give you some extra energy to go on with your amazing city tour.

*4 Berenjenas con miel (Fried eggplants with honey)

If there is another vegetable I do love as artichoke, then this is definitely eggplant. Berenjenas con miel is going to be another delightful dish waiting for you in the city. Fried eggplant combined with honey, how does this mix sounds? Trust me, it is really super good. It offers a sweet and salty taste at the same time, and it is a great way to start your meal. You know what? This recipe is so easy to make that once you discover it, you will start and cook it on your own 🙂

*5 Pastel cordobés (Cordoban Pie)

Welcome to the dessert side, as always my beloved one. Pastel Cordobés is probably the best-known dessert of the city of Córdoba, where it is very notable the Arabic influence. This pie consists of puff pastry sweet with a filling of candied fruits, topped with chopped almonds, cinnamon and sugar. It is just as delicious and perfect as it sounds. Or even more. I remember that after tasting it, I simply could not stop having more. And I ended up eating pastel all day long, from breakfast to dinner. It is also a perfect idea to buy it as a souvenir, a gift for your family and friends: just be sure to do not eat it all before delivering it to them 🙂

Food in Córdoba? Simply delicious, all year long. Let us go and taste it! 😉

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