5 typical food from the Island of Malta

foodHave you ever been to the wonderful Island of Malta? I have recently explored a bit this land for the first time and I really liked it. Even if usually one think of Malta as a summer travel destination, I can say that I enjoyed it a lot during winter time. From the beauty of its monuments to the stunning sea all around, through the delicious food tour I had, my trip was a real pleasant discovery.

This is why today I do believe it is time to go and taste some delicious Maltese food. Ready to go? Andiamooo 🙂

5 typical food from the Island of Malta

*1 Soppa tal-Armla (Widow’s soup)

What better than starting our Maltese food tour with an amazing soup? Time to have a super tasty Soppa tal-Armla, a delicious soup made from fresh vegetables such as peas and fava beans and soft gbejniet (a typical Maltese goat cheese). It is really healthy and perfect to boost your energy level. It does not matter in which period of the year you will visit this magical island: any day it would be the right one to get your widow’s soup.

*2 Pastizzi (Fluffy pastries stuffed with ricotta cheese or peas)

These are one of the best examples of the tasty cuisine of Malta. If you are looking for something typical to grab on your cultural tour, then you cannot avoid to try them out. I had the pleasure of eating and enjoying their simply, pure, amazing taste. Pastizzi is a truly mouth-watering kind of food. This is a fluffy pastry which is usually stuffed with ricotta cheese or mushy peas. Nowadays it is very easy to find many other fillings: just take them on your way.

*3 Bigilla “Ful ta’ Ġirba” (Djerba beans)

Welcome to another traditional dish, known as Bigilla which is usually eaten as a spread. Wondering about its ingredients? Bigilla is made of mashed beans, garlic, olive oil and chopped parsley: I simply love this delicious mix. The paste is served with water crackers (galletti). I mean, are not you getting hungry? Because I really do! 🙂
In case you love this kind of dishes, 5 healthy examples of creamy dips are waiting for you 😉

*4 Qagħaq tal-għasel (Honey or treacle rings)

When it comes to sweets and desserts, you know I am always ready for them. This amazing sweet is another typical food of Malta, which is consumed especially during Christmas and Carnival time. These delightful pastry rings have a soft fillings of black treacle, orange peel and many spices such as star anise and cloves. Even if it is a typical winter sweet treat, you can find it all year long.

*5 Imqaret (Diamond-shaped dates filled pastries)

Let us finish our first food tour in Malta by enjoying another delicious sweet. Tasty pastries filled with chopped dates and several spices, which are able to give them a super amazing taste. Imqaret are usually cut into diamond shapes before deep frying, and served with ice-cream in many restaurants. This sweet treat is so popular that you will basically find them in each street market 😉

Time to get lost into this super Maltese food tour 😉

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