7 great reasons to go on a cruise vacation

cruiseHave you ever thought of going on a cruise? Sincerely I have not till last year. I am using to travel often by plane or take a cool road trip, since these are my favorite ways of traveling. As you know I love exploring new cultures, discovering new lands, so when I had the opportunity to go on a cruise I said to myself “Why not?”.

The result? It was great, literally above my expectations.

I have spent one week on a cruise and I realized you can easily go and spend more days on it. Time flies when you are on it. Since I really enjoyed it, I started to look for other itineraries. I found out there are plenty of trips all around the globe. Just pick your favorite one and get lost into this amazing world. Why? Let us moveee on! 😉

7 great reasons to go on a cruise vacation

*1 Waking up every day in a new city

How does it look like waking up every morning in a different country? Usually cruises travel by night time, so in the early morning of the following day you get to the new destination. Basically you do not even realize you are traveling: you open your eyes and suddenly you see another country. Is not perfect? You can start your day with a super amazing breakfast on board before exploring new lands.

*2 Entertainment: always something to do

Another thing I had no idea at all before going on a cruise was about entertainment. I did not expect so many activities all day long: from a great show in the theatre to a magical party in the swimming pools area. Lots of events, starting from the morning till the night time. There is always something to do when you are on board: sometimes you would love joining several events and you need to choose in between them. And if you want just to relax? Well it is totally fine the same. There are many places where all you can do is just to enjoy the view of the sea; to admire the landscape. Super cool. And super relax.

*3 Several excursions

When it comes to excursions, you have multiple opportunities to choose in between. Every time you get to the next travel destination, you have the whole day (usually till dinner time) to enjoy the city. Of course this is not a must, since if you have already visited it or you just want to be on the ship the whole day, you surely can. You can decide to explore the city on your own as well as joining some excursions in small groups with a private tour guide. Just to get more knowledge also when on holiday.

*4 Family togetherness or traveling alone? Cruise is a perfect choice anyway

During my cruise experience I noticed that there are many types of travelers who decide to experience a cruise. I saw many families as well as people who were traveling alone. I can say a cruise is a very great choice in both cases. If you are with your family, your kids will have a lot of opportunities to play, meet other friends, while you are enjoying time for yourself too. If you are traveling alone, you will have several chances to find companions.

*5 Try out several foods

What about trying out new recipes from another continent? I do believe it is a great opportunity. From breakfast till dinner, you will find several foods coming from each corner of the world. A lot of choices, so be ready to experience a tasty and delicious food tour into your journey. Not only by stopping every day in a different city, but also on board you will have many occasions to get closer with a delightful dessert which you have never heard earlier. Is not amazing that? Cannot wait to discover the next one!

*6 Sport and relax

If you are choosing this kind of holiday since all you need is relaxing, it is fine. But if you are a person who is always looking for some activities or sports to do, well welcome on a cruise. There is a well-equipped gym, which is open for the ones who simply love sports. Also you can go to the swimming pools. I mean, what you need to do is just choose which is the best activity that suits you at the very moment. And you will easily find it out, waiting for you.

*7 Meet people from all over the world

You may cannot imagine how many people coming from different countries you can meet on a cruise. Every single minute you are going to hear a new language, by having breakfast or taking part in an excursions with people from another continent. It is really an unique experience to spend quality time, by learning some details and secrets of another culture in the best way!

I bet it is time to look for some offers and head over to the next amazing cruise experience 😉

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