7 magical travel destinations for spring 2019

travel destinationsAlready planning some trips for the upcoming spring? That is simply the best way to kick off the new year. Even if it is still winter time, you can start and feel the energy of spring, which is literally approaching. So what about planning a getaway in some travel destinations off the beaten track?

I know you are already dreaming about them. Let the magical adventure begin! 😉

7 magical travel destinations for spring 2019

*1 Hvar, Croatia

First step of this magical tour is a truly beautiful island of Croatia, Hvar. This tiny stunning island sounds like a perfect travel destinations for your spring break. With its four UNESCO World Heritage sites and one of the clearest water of the world, Hvar is a great place where to head over all year long. Time to make your luggage, Croatia is on the way 😉

*2 Porto, Portugal

Moving on the western part of Europe, time for visiting a charming city located in northern Portugal: the beautiful Porto. During the year I have lived in Lisbon, I have got the opportunity of exploring this wonderful city, with its wonderful architecture and the stunning cathedral in the city centre.

You will love its colors, while be delighted by the tasty cuisine and a super glass of Port wine, which is really tasty. This hidden gem is waiting for let you enjoying its unique atmosphere! 😉

*3 Belgrade, Serbia

Flying to the capital of Serbia? It sounds great, super great. Belgrade (The White City) is a really beautiful travel destinations, where to spend some days of new discoveries and pure culture. If art is your thing, then you need to know that in this city you will probably find the best street art scenes in the world. Lots of history and great food (such as Sarma, Ćevapi, Ajvar – peppers, garlic and eggplants). You will start dream and completely forget everything else. Time to try, is not it? 😉

*4 Canary Islands, Spain

If you really cannot wait for the next summer, then an idea could be definitely to travel to Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. From El Hierro to Tenerife, through Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, all you need to do is choose where to start your magical itinerary.

You will discover the Spanish culture while having a very tasty meal under a warm sun. If you also love surf and nature, this is your perfect choice. Does it sound interesting enough? Go and take a lookkk 🙂

*5 Kiev, Ukraine

Another charming city who waits for your visit is Kiev, the beautiful capital of Ukraine. I do think that spending a weekend in this lovely city is one of the best way to kick off the spring. To enjoy the fascinating Ukraine culture, by walking into its history and ancient traditions.  Beautiful and cheap, it will be an amazing choice. A tip to taste the city? The super Bessarabka market, located in the center of the city. Ukraine here we go!

*6 Galway, Ireland

How about discovering Ireland? Besides its magical capital Dublin, there are many other attractions waiting for you. Galway is the perfect example of it. This lovely city is located right on the Atlantic Ocean: this means you will have an unique opportunity to breathe the taste of Ireland while admiring this majestic Ocean. Going and exploring Medieval Galway,  walking the Salthill Promenade: many different ways to enjoy these stunning places.

*7 Aqaba, Jordan

Another great destinations is the beautiful city of Aqaba, located in southern Jordan. Beautiful beaches, the unique atmosphere of the Red Sea, a colorful history. You know that from Aqaba you can also get to one of the world’s most iconic wonders (Petra) in 90 minutes? And what about the awesome Wadi Rum desert? It is even closer than Petra. Spring is literally perfect for going and enjoying this majestic part of the world.

Get ready, relaxxx and start to dream 😉

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