7 tips to plan a wonderful trip

tipsWhen it comes to plan a wonderful trip, it is easy to start and be excited. I can say that imagine our next adventure, our next adventure is something part of our daily routine: we are dreamers, are not we?

It simply belongs to us: while looking at the TV and listening to some news from the Northern Europe, you end up with the idea of visiting that land; while eating some recipes coming from the other corner of the world, you may got curious and want to discover more about them.

While reading your book, going for a walk into the city park or just while having a shower at the end of the day. Many different moments, several different ideas of travels.

How about planning the next wonderful trip? Let us get ready for planning our next travel destination using some tips.

7 tips to plan a wonderful trip

*1 Choose your dreamy destination

It may seems obvious, but this is the most important part. Even if we love travelling, I believe that there are certain destinations you want to visit during some specific period of your life. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, smile and listen to your heart. Follow your instinct and you will end up soon in your dreamy travel destination. The one is suit you, exactly right now.

*2 Check your documents

We do not like bureaucracy but sometimes we have to deal with it. So, in order to be able to enjoy your holiday to the fullest, you should take care of the basic requirements needed for your destination. If you may need a specific visa (and sometimes it takes time to get it); or in the case you just need to check out the expiration date of your passport, give a look at them in advance. Make some copies about them. And then you can forget about the technical field. Just put the documents in your luggage and get ready to dream.

*3 Set your budget

It always seems that without a big budget we cannot afford to travel. But it should not be like this. We can take some days off in order to get some relax and enjoy some great time. If we talk honestly to ourselves, we perfectly know how much money we can spend and invest on it. Big or small amount of money available, this is not important: what really matters is to be clear with ourselves and know about it.

*4 Book flights and the accommodation

When you know about your budget, then it is time to go a step forward and book your flights. If you do it a lot of time in advance, you have more chances to find very reasonable prices and so cheap flights. After it, you can feel free to focus on the accomodation, which is something you can choose with calm. Take your time to find the best one. The one you really like and it suits with the kind of journey you have in your mind.

*5 Start and save some extra money

The holidays are approaching and … what about start and save some money? It is not required to cut off all your expenses, right. Just trying to take care a bit more of the way you spend money. You can prepare your lunch box instead of eating out every day. Or going out 2 times instead of 4, during the upcoming weeks. As an example, in my case, I do love sweets and desserts. Well, instead of buying cakes and ice-cream (as I do everyday, really) I can make my own special dessert at home. Or decide to eat less sweets. Now. And then having more of them during my holiday. Which sounds super cool.

*6 Gather info about the country, culture and food

What I like about holidays it is also the preparation time. Your holidays last not only 3 days. They start a lot of time before. Since when you pick your travel destination, you start and dream about them. So, some weeks before I really like to get more news and facts about the country itself, the city and the culture. To feel more close to them. To live like a local during my holiday.

*7 Packing? In a relaxing way

You should always remember that you are going on holiday. It means you need to get relaxed, not adding more stress to your body, to your heart. It is almost time to leave and so what to pack? Take a deep breath, it is way too easy than you think. Just take some clothes. A bit of money. Your mobile phones (if you really need them, otherwise 3 days without internet connection sounds literally perfect).

A super powerful smile because you are going to leave soon.

On holiday.

And you are super ready to enjoy it to the most. Perfect!

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