7 typical delicious British sweets

british sweetsAfter spending some weeks in England, I can say that I already love British sweets. I have had the chance of trying out many  cakes and the result has been always the same: they are very delicious.

You know how much I like discovering typical products (especially desserts) of any country I visit. It does not matter if you are looking for a great breakfast or just a snack for rising your energy level: any moment is perfect to have your portion of dessert.

7 typical delicious British sweets

Time to discover some sweets coming from this amazing land. Ready to go?

*1 Carrot cake

Time to kick off our sweet food tour with a super slice of carrot cake. Before tasting it out, I thought it was a dry cake. I can easily say I was wrong. This cake is so delicious that you will not be able to skip your slice of it during the coffee or tea break anymore. It contains carrots and toasted nuts and it is covered by a creamy cheese icing. Feel free to have it in the early morning as well as during the day. It gives you also many vitamins and mineral salts. Such a nice discovery.

*2 Date and walnut cake

Here is another of my favorite cakes I have had the luck to try it out during my stay in England. It goes perfectly with your magical morning coffee: walnuts and dates are baked together to offer you an explosion of taste in every bite.

*3 Banoffee pie

The more I write this list the more I got hungry. This dessert is simply delicious and I decided to learn how to make it on my own. The main ingredients are bananas, cream and toffee (which is condensed milk) combined with buttery biscuits base. Simply a dreamy dessert to enjoy whenever you want.

*4 Apple crumble

If you love apples this amazing dessert is totally for you. It is made by baked apples and many other tasty and healthy ingredients such as oats, nutmeg and cinnamon (there are many varities of it). Basically a creative and wonderful combination of ingredients which I love. I like it so much that it has become part of my breakfast: having it in the morning makes me super ready to enjoy the day.

*5 Scones

From carrot cake to another classic coming from England: the famous and delicious scones. It is so typical to eat them while having your afternoon cup of tea. I recently tasted the fruit scones (which contains also raisins) and I must say I do love them. They are usually served with some jam and clotted cream, just to make them even more delicious.

*6 Victoria sponge cake

Named after Queen Victoria, this British layer cake is filled with whipped cream and raspberry jam. Yeah I know you would like to eat it right now, I have the same feeling. You will be able to find it out in each corner of the country, since it is one of the favorite cakes by British people.

*7 Chelsea bun

Last but not least, it is time to go and discover another delicious sweet coming from this land. I am not even able to explain my love for this sweet treat. These sticky buns are filled with juicy currants and by eating them it seems like living a dream. Amazing as a quick snack as well as an amazing breakfast, Chelsea buns are perfect for every moment of the day: the power of dried fruits and cinnamon is waiting for you.

Do you know what time is it? It is British sweets o’clock!


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