Travelling for free? 9 examples of travels with a low budget

You just cannot stop travelling. It is so easy to get addicted, I completely believe you. But when in your heart there is an adventurer spirit, well you know that every single minute can be the right one to select your next destination to visit.

It can be planning the trip you were waiting since years, as well as to look for a nice unusual city off the beaten track.

It does not matter where you heart and instinct want to bring you, you just cannot wait for it.


You need to find time and also money indeed.

But does it always work like that? You should save a lot of money and keep a great budget in order to travel. At least this is what they say, what it is seems normal to do.


If you love to push yourself into a new culture, if you do not care too much of scheduling each single detail of your trip, if what matters for you it is just to travel, well there are plenty of ideas able to let you discover plenty of new corners of the world almost without paying.


And learning a lot at the same time. Looking forward to see which they are? Move on and smile, your next travel is closer than you have been thinking till the last week.


9 ways to travel almost without paying

*1 CouchSurfing

How does it sound to go and spend the night in the home of a local person? The best cultural exchange. Since when I discovered this kind of opportunities, I realized how amazing they are. You have the unique chance to be in touch with a local host: you can see in advance profiles and reviews from past guests and choose the one you feel more close to your experiences, ideals or whatever. A local knows perfectly the area all around and there is nobody more able to give you such a super cool advice and plenty of information you may need.

Have a dinner together, ask for some tips, places worth to visit… everything for real, everything for free. To try.


*2 Volunteer at a Hostel

You finally have reached the city you wanted to visit so badly. You enter the hotel you booked in advance and you love it first sight: the hostel, the city, everything you are looking at seems so brilliant.  So what about trying and expanding the length of your stay? Sometime you may be able to get a free room, while you work as a volunteer that they may need for some days or weeks. This could be a cool exchange that sounds perfect. Yes, it is.


*3 Cycling

And what about packing your stuff, take your bicycle and go? Just imagine how amazing and challenging, how inspiring and cool it could be to go and explore all around by cycling: a wonderful adventure, in between discovering new corners, stop for a while and enjoying the beauty of the nature, of the mountain, starring at the pure color of the sea just in front of you.  Just choose one country you want to visit and go. Or even two countries, three (if you need some suggestion, here you can find amazing cities to visit by bicycle). How about cycling on the seaside? Discovering Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece from the northern side to the southern one, in the Mediterranean area: feeling free to stop anytime you want and take a bath, to enjoy the sun and to stop for a while and drink a coffee on a sunny day.


*4 Au pair

If you are thinking of spending some time abroad, this is another very cool opportunity. If you love working with kids and children, you should really take into consideration this option: there are families worldwide always looking for someone that can take care of their children. Starting from this, they may want someone to teach their children some English, which could be an extra profit for you. They will give you a room where you can sleep and you will not have to worry about the food as well, since it will be included in it. So basically you will be involved for a certain period of time during the day or night, without paying anything for the accommodation, the food and you will also get extra money.

Still reading sitting on your chair? Start and plan your trip, it will be an amazing experience.


 *5 Hitchhike

If you think that by hitchhiking you will not get anywhere, I totally understand it, since I thought the same till some years ago. Then I had the chance to explore Athens neighborhood in Greece, the capital of Slovenia Ljubljana, or even just got back home in Rome: everything by hitchhiking. In many countries travelling this way looks like a daily routine. The hospitality of people is super amazing, they want to help you and show you many secrets and details they are proud of their country.


 *6 Fly smart

Yes I know. Flying just before or after lunch, in the afternoon or so on it can be very comfortable. At least it should be like that, since you are not asked to get to the airport at 5am or fly to another place around 11pm, by getting in the heart of the night to your destination. And since almost nobody like or prefer this option, this is why is also the cheapest one.

Why take the flight at 5am? You will discover the city while there is the sunrise, with the whole day in front of you, ready to be organized. And flying by night? Well, landing looking at the city sleeping and full of lights is already enough. Anyway, taking the first steps in a city while drinking an hot chocolate is an amazing way to start your trip. Cheap.



Ever thought about go volunteering in some factories? It is an experience that you should not miss, since it is amazing. Working besides local farmers, helping them in picking fruits and so, having the chance of getting the accommodation for free and also to get some “super fresh” food, straight from the field. There are plenty of programs and farmers are currently looking for volunteers to help them. From one week to 2 months, there are actually no limits. And you will have the unique opportunity to discover a new city, a new country with a different perspective, not like a tourist but really like a local.


 *8 Carpool

If you love to travel with your car, then this one could be a cool option for you. Wanted to go somewhere but you do not have time to organize anything? Or maybe you want to organize your trip properly, but it is hard to manage your free time with one of your friends? Discovering places and the world by driving is amazing too. I love it, and so one idea could be to look for people to join you, in order to spend your time with others, listening to their stories, sharing ideas and meeting new friends. There are many websites dedicated to this kind of sharing, where you can enroll and write down your next route, to find people who will join you: company, new ideas, new friends. And you will also cut down your expenses, like fuel costs. So cool.


*9 Ask for travel gift card

Your birthday is upcoming and you do not even think of any presents to ask for; you are going to be graduated soon and everyone is wondering what you may like. You have never thought of bothering people and waste time on what you want to get as a gift. Like me. Well, dreamy adventurer, instead of asking for a normal gift, what about asking for a travel gift card this time? Basically they charge some money on it, and you have the chance of using it by booking some flights or accommodation, without paying any extra money. A lot of airline companies and hotels allow you to organize your travel this way. So finally, after years you were wondering about what to ask for your birthdays, you are maybe able to find some presents you really want for your celebration.


There are many ways of travelling: each one is ready to let you enjoy a new chapter, a new adventure of your life. Just choose which one, traveler!

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