9 positive and healthy lifestyle habits

healthy lifestyleLooking for a positive and healthy lifestyle inspiration? Even if sometimes it does not seem so easy toΒ fit into our daily routine some healthy habits, I can really say it is easier than expected. I do believe it πŸ˜€

You do not have to make any effort, go running every morning, planning many challenging workout sessions. All you need to do is just smiling and be positive. With this amazing attitude and sunny vibes, you can get to any goal. Is not it?

Then let us get ready to discover someee easy and lovely habits that we can implement into our daily routine.
Ready? Steady? Let us move ooon πŸ˜‰

9 positive and healthy lifestyle habits

*1 Always take your magical breakfast

Where to start this positive cycle? Super easy. From the very beginning of the day. Having breakfast is not only a meal: it is a healthy, positive, powerful kind of lifestyle itself. It is the secret behind your magical power. Just imagine to wake up and organize your own tasty and delicious first meal of the day with calm, relax and joy. Not only you will feel more energetic and strong throughout the day, but also you will realize to have plenty of time to plan your own day. Simply amazing. I do love it! πŸ˜‰

*2 Eat small meals

When it comes to eat, sometimes we feel so starving that you would love to eat anything, the first thing we may find out in the bakery. Other times it happens that you could think “I will wait till dinner to eat properly, since I have no time right now”. What do I personally think? It is that we should always listen to our body and mind. To eat some small meals many times per day, and give yourself energy and love.

*3 Reduce salt and sugar intake

Salt and sugar? Who are they? I think it is time to try and be “salt and sugar free” for a while. All kind of foods and drinks are already charged with natural or added salt and sugar both. So why do we need to add even more of them?Β  My favorite option is to use some spices (turmeric, ginger, cinnamon and so on) to dress and add more flavor to our already amazing dishes.

*4 More smiles, less stress

Smiles all day long. Am I crazy? It could be, but still I think you can always even just one reason to smile. So just do it. You know why? When you are focus on positive things, they will arrive automatically to you.
Less stress, more smiles. That is the style πŸ˜‰

*5 Positive environment, positive results

And what about living in a positive environment? Feel free to create your own amazing one. Just start and be surrounded by positive people, the ones who are able to share with you a wonderful and positive energy, through a nice talk or even just an hug. You will feel incredibly much more better in a while.

*6 Your daily workout? No more than 10 minutes

24 hours per day are not enough? Yesss, it could be. But still, we are always able to time for everything we want. Is not it? So it is time to find only 10… really 10 minutes during your day just to make some abs or push-ups. Early morning, during a break or before go sleep. Just do it: your body is already in love with you πŸ˜‰

*7 Eat slowly

We run out of time and sometimes it seems that we just cannot manage it. We are running for what? I mean, to go where? Nowhere. It is so needed to relax, calm down and breathe instead. And take our own time for enjoying meals, a coffee break as well as just drinking a glass of water. When you eat slowly, your body is going to feel better and you will end eating only what you really need.

*8 Fruits and vegetables? Colors and variety are the key

I personally do love vegetables and fruits and I am always trying to keep them into my diet. The secret to put them into our diet? Variety is the key. It is important to choose as many different fruits as possible, so everyday we can eat something different, never get bored and take plenty of vitamins. Perfettooo πŸ˜‰

*9 Love yourself

Last but not least, love yourself. Do we really need to add any comment? This is the key for everything. Love yourself and everything will be easier. Sure. 101%

Suuuper healthy travelers <3

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