9 wonderful benefits of traveling alone

traveling aloneTraveling alone is simply amazing, the best choice you can do for enjoying some quality time while making lots of unforgettable experiences.  Even if I do love having trips with friends, family members, lovers and so on, when it comes to solo trip my heart feels very excited. I mean, what better than organizing an amazing solo trip? The list of advantages and benefits you can get through it has no limits.

9 super advantages of traveling alone

1* A true discovery of yourself

Just imagine yourself in a random place in the world. It could be the dreamy place you have always wanted to be in as well as any other city or village you decide to spend a weekend in. Everything is up to you. You can basically go anywhere, plan any adventure, spend all the time as you wish. It is a constant discovery of what you like. You will find out new activities or habits to insert into your daily life, or just improving what you already do. Maybe you will find some inspiration for starting your next business, to may change your point of view above some topic. Or you will just realize once more how much do you like spending time by admiring the sea.

2* Trip planning? Way too easy

What if you realized that you do not need to plan anything in advance? Not to spend lots of time on online researches, not too many time to lose on some things you are not interested in. Nobody is telling you anything; nobody is pushing you to do something you really are not interested in. You know what? Just wake up every day and go wherever you heart brings you. The only plan is having no plans. The best possible itinerary in the field of freedom 😉

3* Become more confident

How many different situations do we face during our everyday life? Every single day plenty of new ones. So try and imagine to put yourself into new interesting and challenging daily adventures in another country, due to language or cultural differences. In order to achieve your plans, you will come up with new ideas and strategies to implement. Step by step, you will realize how much you can rely on yourself. And love yourself, the most important thing.

4* Enjoy your own rhythm

Do you want to sleep till 11am? Or maybe go for an amazing breakfast by 6.30am? You can go running, sleeping all day long, as well as joining many cultural and social events in the city. Taking shower at 3am, spending 2 hours by reading a book in the middle of the day without any people waiting for you, does it sound cool? Yes sure, I know. Because it is totally relaxing.

5* Meet plenty of interesting people

When you are traveling with some friends, you are definitely going to spend lots of time with them. You are may in another country, exploring a new culture but always in your comfort zone, surrounded by a familiar environment. What does it happen if you travel alone? If you are alone the chances of meeting other people and make interesting friendships are multiplied. You will get very curious about several small details, you will try to live like a local during your staying. You will forever bring with you amazing memories 😉

6* Last second change? No worries

You may planned to go to that museum but unfortunately you have just realized that it is going to be closed. So what to do? No worries at all. You do not need to find any compromise with other people, just choose another itinerary you would love to do at the right moment.  By using your creativity, you will decide a new amazing last minute plan that will make your day. Guaranteed 😉

7* Learn new languages

While facing your daily travel adventures, you will may need to talk and comunicate with different actors, travelers, vendors, locals. And probably they will not able to speak your own language. So yes, first option is to speak english. But this is also not always working. So what to do if you really want to buy that food or you need to understand which bus do you need to take to get to your next destination? You will learn a lot of new words, expressions and ways to share what is in your mind to be able to talk with people.

8* Your well-being gets healthier

Spending some time with yourself. How much important is this? There are no words to describe it properly. During our daily life we are constantly running up and there. Have you ever thought about how much time are you using to spend time and take care of yourself? Not enough for sure. Traveling alone is not only a way to make new discoveries of the world: it is also a great opportunity to be more aware of the fact that giving time to yourself is key to increase your well-being.

9* You will meet your best friend: yourself

I am truly glad to show your best friend to you: yourself. The person with whom you are going to spend lots of time. The one that you want to make happy and smiling. The traveler who is always ready to get excited about new travels. Loving yourself is the first step of every single future goal. By escaping your daily routine, when traveling alone you will have plenty of time to focus on yourself. It is really an unique, unforgettable experience and present you can give yourself. Amazing. 101%.

So which is your next solo travel destination? 😉 <3


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