A lovely discovery: Estonia, 5 interesting facts about this amazing country

EstoniaEstonia. Such a wonderful country located in the Northern Eastern side of the European continent.  The first feeling I got when I arrived there was the incredible peace and serenity you can feel all around the country. I was escaping from the chaotic Rome and so it was like having the chance to breathe again for me, enjoying some relax without any pressure. I spent around 10 days during summertime and the weather was pretty fine, in between 18°Celsius degrees at daytime and 7° Celsius degrees at nighttime. Kind of early spring in Rome. Super fine to me.

What matters the most is that I got the opportunity to discover this beautiful land on my own and I am still bringing with me, in my heart, all these memories.


What I like the most about Estonia? In a nutshell: everything.


I felt surprised by discovering many facts and curiosities about the country itself that I wanted to start and write down 5 cool things I learnt about it.


5 interesting facts about Estonia

*1 Internet connection super amazing and Skype was born here

If today we are able to talk with our friends from different sides of the world it is also thanks to Estonia. You can easily catch internet connection in the whole country, since Wi-Fi zones are available almost everywhere. How cool is it? Something that it seems so normal nowadays and that it was so far from the reality just a few decades ago. Internet changed our lives, believe it or not. I do not like spending plenty of time online and so I try and reduce my “online staying”; despite that, by knowing that you can always be in touch and connect with anyone just by logging in Skype it makes you smile. Just turn on your laptop, open the program, set your camera, make you beautiful for the video, and call.

Super easy, is not it? Of course it is.

If I made it without knowing almost anything about IT technologies, then everyone can do it too.


*2 Vana Tallinn, super tasty liqueur

Vana Tallinn: no way for me to forget this name. I am not used to remember lots of name, especially when it comes to food and drinks.

Anyway, first time I tried out this liqueur I felt so surprised. Since I am not a liqueur expert and I am not even into the field, I thought that it would have been a good liqueur but not more.

I was completely wrong. It has many varieties, from the creamy to the sweetest one, which means you can taste it in different versions and the result is always kind of the same: it is too good. Too great to be real. You just cannot stop drinking it.

Even if I do not drink a lot of alcohol, as you know I do like trying out new foods, drinks and so on. They are one of the best way to help you understand some cultures, to try and get closer to their origin and feel a bit Estonian too as well.

So if you are going to spend a weekend in Estonia, do not forget to write Vana Tallinn in your magical “food bucket list”: and say “aitäh” after serving you.


*3 Amazing cool people

For me, as a Mediterranean soul, discovering Estonian traditions and culture has been super great. I discovered so many curiosities about this wonderful country, and the people is one of them. It has been amazing seeing how much I feel connected with them: one feature I do love about its people is their sincerity and the fact they are so open-minded. I am so glad to have got several nice cool Estonian friendships and I cannot wait to come back and visit the country again.

For enjoying another glass of Vana Tallinn together. I am already dreaming about this moment. So cool.


*4 Land of beautiful islands

Guess what? You may have thought of Estonia as a small country. Could you believe that it has 2,222 islands and islets instead? Even if not all of them could be explored, there are still a lot of islands ready to show you all their beauties all year long. Under the snowfall as well as during summertime while having your drink.

My advice is to head to Saaremaa or Hiiumaa, the two biggest islands of the country, where lots of natural and historical sites are waiting for you. I am pretty sure that each island you will go to and visit it will be able to surprise you.


*5 Feel the Nature

Almost 50% of the country is covered by forest. It contributes to tackle pollution and increase the quality of the air in the whole country, Europe and the whole planet as well.

Every single breath makes you able to feel the Nature, whether you are in the forest or just visiting one of the stunning and cozy Estonian cities, like Tallinn (the capital city), Tartu or Parnu, just to give you an example. The fact of easily being in contact with the Nature is so cool since it is becoming harder and harder nowadays. I remember I was able to observe for the first time properly the beauty of shooting stars like I never did in my life. So many stars in just less than an hour.

The perfect environment. Pure air. Starry sky. Calm and relax all around.

Another amazing show and gift from this beautiful land.


Estonia 2018? Always ready for the next weekend in such a stunning country.


 *Estonian keywords

And what about learning some Estonian words before your trip?

Of course, here you go!

  • Hello Tere
  • Yes / No – Jah / Ei
  • Thank youAitäh
  • You are welcome Palun
  • Excuse meVabandust
  • Good morning – Tere hommikust
  • Good afternoonHea pärastlõunal
  • Good eveningTere õhtust


*Estonia basic information

  • Name: Estonia (Eesti)
  • Continent: Europe
  • Location: Northern Europe, UTC +2 (EET)
  • Country code: +372
  • Currency: Euro
  • Capital city: Tallinn
  • Main airports: Tallinn Ulemiste, Tartu Lennujaam


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