“I cannot change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails
to always reach my destination.”
– Jimmy Dean

The Blog

Dreamy Daily Adventure is an Island where are welcome smiles from all over the world.

 A sunny land where travels and dreams are the main characters of a positive, natural, hearty environment.

 A fascinating adventure:

through high levels of motivation;

through ideas and suggestions for your next trip;

through positivity, simplicity, love;

through wonderful travel experiences;

through a discovery of new realities, dishes, cultures, music and trends …

… without forgetting tips about how to take care of your finance,

Always finding a way to keep your smile ON.


Smiling is the key.


Nico – The DDA founder

I am Nico, born in a summer of last century in Rome, Italy, Europe, Earth, Universe.

If someone would ask me “what will you bring with you in a desert island?”

I will surely reply: one, big, sunny powerful smile.

It is the key, it is the main point where to start to build up anything you want.

To make plans, to make dreams, to enjoy each single moment:

Everything, while living your everyday wonderful trip called life.


After some experiences up and there, I thought the best idea is to write down a blog.

To share feelings, ideas, passions.

About smiles, some tips about tourism, about daily motivation, easy lifestyle, some ideas about cooking, food delights.


And so, I discovered to have a passion for writing: that is why I am here.

Listening to the music. Such a great way to raise your energy level.

Fly. Dream.

And, last but not least, I am a sweets lover. Breakfast lover, above all.

So, if you were wondering with whom sharing your chocolate pastry, that slice of cake, a simple amazing yogurt or some snacks, now you know it: I will be always on your side.


Wishing you a pleasant stay,