Alicante, Spain: a beautiful sunny travel destination 2019

alicanteLooking for a super sunny and amazing travel destination for this upcoming spring 2019? Alicante is the right answer. Sandy beaches, sunny days and many different cultural attractions are waiting for you. This wonderful cozy city located on the southerneastern coast of Spain has a lot to offer: I am pretty sure you will fall in love while discovering step by step all its beauty.

5 secrets about Alicante, Spain

*1 Castillo de Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara Castle)

Let us start with one of the best spots of this wonderful city, its medieval castle with Arab origins. I simply love this area, from where you can get an incredible amazing view of the coast and mountains behind it. It is totally worthy to go through all the stairs (you can alsooo take the elevator just behind Postiguet Beach to reach the top): be ready for a great view, do not forget to take your camera with you. You will love it.

*2 Basilica of Santa María (Santa Maria Church)

Located in the city center and very close to Postiguet Beach, you will find the oldest active church in Alicante. It is really incredible how much this city is able to offer in terms of cultural and historical beauty: Basilica of Santa María is just the perfect example that shows it.

*3 Beautiful beaches

Why waiting for the summer to go and enjoy such a paradise on Earth? Going for a walk on Alicante seaside during spring time is a very great option that you should really consider about. Warm weather, not crowded like in the summer months, locals and restaurants always open in each corner, beautiful and sunny beaches.
If you have not planned anything yet for your spring, I do believe it could be a good moment for it! 😉

*4 El Turrón de Alicante (Alicante typical dessert)

It does not matter in which part of the year you are going to visit Alicante: what you should definitely try is one of its most typical desserts: turron. This is very similar to nougat and it is traditional at Christmas. You know what? You can easily find it in Alicante all year long. And I do love it. Its magical ingredients? Sugar, honey, eggs and almonds, beside kilos of love and passion 😉

*5 Explanada de España

Last but not least, I think it is the right time to head over to this amazing and sunny path just beside the sea. How does it sound to stroll beneath the palms, with the sun up high in the sky and the landscape of the sea?
It is really magical. 

Alicante? Yesss, it is such a greeeat choice for your spring 2019 😉

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