The power of smiling: 5 wonderful reasons you should smile anytime

smileA smile: such a powerful, energetic, amazing action that everyone has in their pocket. It is something so easy to make; so great to share, to express your feelings and give this gift to all people you meet.


Just think about how a sequence of smiles can change your day, it can increase your energy level, it can cheer you up. You do not need to pay to get it; it comes automatically on your face, I know; it is just up to you decide to share it with the others, or hide it behind not nice thoughts.


“Why do not start this day by sharing your sunny smile?

You have a magic power, but you are not using it enough, you are not making the most of it.

“Why should I smile even if there are no reasons at all?”, you may wonder right now.

Well, let me tell you that there is always one reason to smile.

Smiling is so easy but it could be also hard at the same time.

Every day, every week, every little second of a minute, you face many different situations: you have just got a positive result from your job interview; you forgot to reply back to your girlfriend message, and she got angry; you have checked out your weight and realize that you lost 2 kg in one week; you have received the result of the last exam at University and it did not go right; you are walking with your dog when suddenly it starts to rain.


Life is full of events. The nice ones. And the “less nice” ones.

And let me tell you that this happens to everyone. From the strongest one, that seems always powerful, to the less optimistic person in the World. From time to time, everyone faces their own situations, then mixing them up with their previous experiences, stories and lives come out with a bright smile or a shy one.

Then it is always up to you the choice to smile or not. When I look at one person always smiling, I admire her/him a lot. If they smile it does not mean life is easy for them. It means they are trying to make the most of their morning, that moment, that situation they face and at the end, no matter what, they smile. And this is what really matters.


From the nice situations, you can enjoy moments, energy, memories.

From the “not so” nice situations, you grow a lot.

Each single step is amazing, since it gives you something, it allows you to learn another thing, by having the unique chance of living this situation.

The result then, could be just one: a very positive and strong smile.

Because you lived some events; because you learnt from some events.


5 Benefits of a smile

*1 Feeling better

When you smile you are sharing your inner light with the world: it is like to see a rainbow shortly after the storm; to catch up the sunlight in a cloudy day; to feel the fresh air during an hot summer day. When you are going to work in the early morning, stuck into the underground and the traffic, and someone is smiling randomly at you, unconsciously you feel better. You do not know anything about their lives: but, by smiling at each other, you are exchanging a lot of power. Everyone shares something. After drinking your first coffee, while you are waiting at the traffic lights. By taking and giving smiles, you got to your job office.

And today, instead of thinking of many problems, you have reached your job spot with a huge smile on your face. The best way to start the day, besides having breakfast, of course.


*2 Makes you more beautiful

Instead of wasting plenty of hours in front of the mirror by doing your makeup and create another version of yourself, did you know that the best secret, the unique ingredient of your beauty is already with you and it is so natural, easy and free to use? And it makes you special: everyone feels someway more attracted by you. Because better than a sincere, positive, natural smile you are not able to find out many other things on Earth. No masks to wear are needed, no makeup today. I have been reading that by smiling you look younger. And I do believe so. The natural smile you got when you are a kid and use plenty of time without realizing, you should be able to keep for the following times.

When we get something for free, we do not even realize how much it is worthy. You can smile and make yourself more beautiful and you do not use this super magic power? What are you waiting for?


*3 Raises your energy level

It is like kind of a liberation. You leave your smile up in the city and you will feel more energetic shortly after. Why you should keep with you all the feelings, ideas, thoughts and power only with you? By smiling you can feel free of expressing them to your audience: do not matter who will get your smile, who will understand you and who may not. By smiling all the energy you bring with you, positive or less positive, will be shared with the world. A small secret to be able and breathe better, to feel less chaos in your mind, to feel instantly more free.


*4 Make yourself stronger

Every single time you smile, you body feels more relaxed. More relax means less chances to get stressed, to get sick, to get bored. I mean, even if you do not find a specific reason to smile at all, just think that smiling many times during your day can work better than a simple medicine. And it works directly for you. I think it is like a powerful mix of vitamins, love and strength, that you decide to give yourself.

Remember always to respect and love yourself, this is always the first step.

Smile and relax: you are ready to conquer the world.


*5 Raises your self-esteem

Think of it for a while: how nice is to look at someone already ready to smile? A lot. Smiling is a kind of drug, so natural and spontaneous that can easily make happier people around you, starting from yourself. When you smile, you are unconsciously thinking “I can do it”, you are motivating yourself to reach the next goal, to put into reality some ideas you have in your mind since a long time. In several ways, each of these roads are carrying you out to the land of happiness. Day by day and smile after smile, it is a circle that can only grow.

Because when you smile you are always a winner.


Behind a smile there is a pure dreamer.

“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile” (Connie Stevens)

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