Blueberries: an incredible healthy source of energy


The healthy tour of the day brings us to the amazing world of blueberries, a super healthy food. Besides the fact it is one of the fruits I love the most, they are also incredibly full of vitamins and properties. If you were looking for something able to boost your energy level, then you have just found it out. You know how do I really like to enjoy them? Of course, in my super portion of yogurt. It is literally amazing to have them during breakfast as well as during your coffee break. Anytime you want, just give yourself some blueberries and your body will love you back. You know why? Because blueberries are simply the king of antioxidant foods, very rich in vitamin A, C, E and K and they are also able to enhance mood. Perfect, are not they?


Wondering where this amazing fruit comes from? Blueberries are one of the berry plants which are native to North America. After realizing how many properties they have, they started to be eaten everywhere and introduced in Europe around 1930s. Blueberries are a very special superfood, like a real gift that you can give yourself. It is not only a type of fruit: it is a pure natural source of energy for your body.

One recipe: an amazing powerful yogurt

(250gr. Greek yogurt, 50gr. blueberries, 3 walnuts, 20 gr. dark chocolate, 1 spoon of honeycinnamon)

Looking for a great way to enjoy blueberries throughout the day? I do suggest you to make a super amazing bowl of yogurt and fill in it with many powerful ingredients. Easy, fast and simply delicious. It could be during breakfast time as well as during the afternoon, just take your yogurt and add some magical healthy products.

This recipe is really flexible, you can make your best combination of ingredients and I really change it everyday. Today’s recipe? Let us try and mix some blueberries with dark chocolate and walnuts, by adding honey and topping everything with cinnamon. A super tasty and powerful choice. I see you are already hungry, just as me 😀

Super yogurt for us? Upcominggg 😉

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