Breakfast? 10 easy steps to start and love it instantly

breakfastHave you ever heard about a special planet called breakfast? It is my favourite one: a super strong meal, a wonderful moment to spend with yourself, an amazing gift you can enjoy every single morning.

Well, I can go to sleep at 11pm as well as 2am, even at 3a.m, the result is always the same: at 6.30 am of the following day you will find me already awake in the process of making the special magical potion, the powerful and amazing breakfast.

Doesn’t matter where I am, in which country, it could be weekend time or just a normal crazy rushing Monday morning, hot summer or super freezing winter; I just cannot skip it. If you think that I am crazy, you may be right. But just try for a few days to look at breakfast from another point of view and then let me know if I am completely out of my mind or breakfast could be nice.


Time to go deeper and share all the amazing reasons why you should give enough time to your breakfast meal, in order to start the day in a very cool way.

What is breakfast?

  • A kind of lifestyle
  • Your best way to start the day
  • Wake up your body and your mind in a romantic way

Here we want to talk about the breakfast lifestyle: the matter is not what should we eat, we would love to focus in how to create your breakfast mindset.

Ready for finding out the recipe?


Breakfast mindset: 10 steps to give yourself (refill yourself with) energy, calm and relax

*1 Wake up 1 hour and half before leaving home

How does it feel like to open your eyes and realize you have no stress around you? Probably this is one of the hardest point to get: that is exactly why we are starting from here. Waking up 1 hour and half (personally I wake up even 2 hours and half) before leaving home is the secret, the key point: why just spending time lying in your bed until when you realize it is time to go out? You can even love your bed, but still, waking up and having plenty of time ahead of you is like a super present you can give yourself. For free. Every morning.


*2 Make 2/3 minutes body stretching

Let us be clear: waking up long time before leaving home does not mean start the day quickly, it is totally the opposite instead. It means just to set up your alarm clock earlier than usual. Once you open your eyes, do not jump out from your bed, you have time today.

So, take a deep breathe, and then another one. Instead of being afraid to be late, you can take two, three minutes (even five) to stretch a bit yourself, your muscles of your legs, your arms, your neck. Make these small exercises in a very “soft” mode: this way you will easily switch your mode from dreamy to “alive” one.

Good job, our awakening process is going on in a perfect way. Let us move on.


*3 Time for a glass of water

Is it possible to turn on your car without fuel? No, it is not. For sure this is the best possible cool way to turn it on. And your body? It is a similar machine, that needs energy to wake up properly, to start and work efficiently. So, best way to do it is just heading the kitchen to go and drink a natural glass of water.

Natural? Yes, sure. If you have lemons at home, feel free to add some slices of them in it.


*4 Breathe in, breathe out

This is the proof you are awake. Your awakening process is continuing very well. After waking up, a bit of stretching and a pure glass of water, what better than stop for a while and take some deep breaths? It helps a lot, in the way to put yourself in harmony with the environment, with the new day, with the morning itself.

Since how long you have not had to enjoy the view of this amazing part of the day? The sunrise, the city waking up, time for yourself.


*5 Smile

Smiling: so easy, so powerful, so amazing. Take a look at the clock: have your realized that today you have plenty of time ahead of you? Your clock is a sincere friend, it is not making stupid jokes, it is not making fun of you: relax and calm are all around. Such a comfortable environment.

How is not possible to start the day with a big smile? I mean, it should be always like this: any time any day anyway. Today even more: very soon it is time to eat. Excited? Well done, you are right.


*6 You deserve an hug: coffee and tea are waiting for you

You are realizing to have extra time today, which you can spend as you wish. So why you do not give yourself a big hug! Wondering how?

I can give you some options: let us move to the kitchen, time to make your “moka” machine or just to boil some water to get tea or an instant coffee.

Is it not amazing to even have time to choose your drink among several options? Such a warm hug to you!


*7 Enjoy the moment, while setting the table

Just look outside the window, another day is starting, and your hot drink is on the way. And this is a very great news, is not it? Then I think that it could be amazing to start and dress your table, so feel free to put on the table whatever you want to eat, just like any regular lunch or dinner.

Have you realized it?

You have the chance of making your super cool indoor picnic, like on Sunday, but without waiting for the weekend. Yes, you can do it, it is for free. The more things you put on the table, the more the environment will look cozy.

And getting lost into this magic preparation time is like a dream: in a few minutes you are going to be the main character of the table.


*8 What about music?

Why should we limit ourselves? No way. Wondering how to make this magical program even more amazing? I am here again ready for a nice suggestion.

Have you ever heard about the power of music? It is always a great choice.

You do not have to look for a special singer, to make a long research, to zapping and jumping from one radio channel to another one.

Put some music: on your radio, on your mp3, on the TV.

Just music, nothing else. You have just set up your breakfast soundtrack.


*9 Look for your phone. Did you find it? Perfect, then throw it away

Your mobile phone, how many hours are you spending with it during the day? I already know the answer. Too many. Yes, it is sure.

More than enough anyway and, as you just realized, you do not need it at all in this cool awakening process. So, do not think of it.

You are still able to drink coffee, tea and eat anything you want.

And to listen to the music, also.


*10 Have a nice breakfast, the day has just started. And you are already the winner

Coffee is ready. Tea is hot. The table is calling you. Music on. Lot of time ahead of you. I think you do not need more words to describe this cool special environment.

Time to enjoy your deserved breakfast meal.


Cool! You can be sure you are not alone, I will be always with you!

So, be ready to share the amazing cake you thought it would have been just for yourself. Yes, that cake in front of your eyes. And, if it is possible, pass me also the apricot jam. I love it.


Time for the magical breakfast,


Grazie mille and… buona colazione! (have a nice breakfast!)

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