Cashew nuts: a powerful and healthy source of energy

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I do love cashew nuts. Since when I was a child, every single time I heard about them or I had the chance of eating them I felt kind of super excited. I used to look for them into the shelves of supermarkets, as well as I was expecting to find them served as a super snack during some party. Literally every moment was the perfect one to enjoy some of them.

Today I love cashew nuts even more than before. What better feeling than discovering that one of your favorite childhood foods is also very powerful, healthy and full of benefits for your body? It is just another excuse to consume them, right? I do believe it. This is why I keep the good habit to enjoy some cashews randomly, whenever I feel like.

It can be eaten alone as a very energetic snack, especially when you need some extra power; also, I use to combine them in other dishes: by adding cashew nuts during my yogurt at breakfast time as well as while dressing my stir-fried vegetables.


You may wonder from which part of the world this amazing plant comes from. The cashew tree is native to the coastal areas of northeastern Brazil, even if during the 16th century  Portugueses brought them to India and other African countries. They basically started to spread the love for this plant all over the world. And I bet it was a super great choice.

They are seeds that adhere to the bottom of the cashew apple, the magical fruit of the wonderful cashew tree. Cashews are full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals and their taste is truly amazing. Even if I like all dry fruits, I can honestly say that cashew nuts are my favorite ones.

One recipe: Couscous with cashews and raisins

(80 gr. couscous, 50 gr. sun dried tomatoes, a bit of cashews, a bit of raisins, 2 spoons of olive oil, curry, turmeric, cumin and oregan) 

I love so much this recipe. Full of colours, super tasty and last but not least very easy to make out. Simply amazing.

So basically all you need to do is cooking couscous and then dress it with all ingredients in the list. By adding sun dried tomatoes, cashew nuts and raisins to your couscous, you are going to be delighted. Since I do not use to add a lot of salt into my dishes, I prefer dressing them with some spices, like oregan, turmeric and curry (and why not, in this one I also suggest you to try out cumin, it is way too good).

In less than 5 minutes your dinner is ready.

Time to enjoy it.


Super cashew nuts: when you start eating them, you will end up and add them in any dish. Lots of energy and power on your side!

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  1. It seems very good, I’ll prepare it very soon !!!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Bye Monica


    1. nicolaferre

      May 30, 2018

      Suuure 😉 I do love cashew nuts and it is so great to try them out in several recipes 🙂 thanks for your amazing comment 😉


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