How to cut down instantly your intake calories: 5 surprising tips

caloriesCalories: a word that we all have faced plenty of times. By mistake, by coincidence, just by hearing it. And most of them were linked with a scary word: diet.

Well, I never liked maths so I have a very complicate relationship with numbers and that is why I always tried to follow an healthy diet without scheduling every single day by weighting the quantity of cereals you needed to consume.

Because I think you can easily manage it by yourself, just paying attention to some details, following some tips. And, above all, by loving yourself. A lot.

The secret is to look at your best “personal diet” from another point of view, by looking further. So, when you think of your diet, you should not be afraid of it; you should not get crazy but just start and follow some basic advice, that will help you much more than it could actually seem.

I tried them by myself randomly, I discovered them step by step, experience after experience, nutella after nutella, and now I want to sum up some of them in these 5 upcoming tips.

Feel ready for this new discovery? Let us go on.


*1 Do not start and do not finish your meal with bread

You already got what I mean. I can see you, sitting at the table of the restaurant, waiting for your meal after ordering it. 10 minutes waiting, maybe 15, talking with your collegues, with your girlfriend or a new friend and,  meanwhile, eating that bread. One, and then another slice, and more. Yes, I am talking about the one on the table. Let me ask you something: why getting full of bread when your super nice dish is upcoming? I never understood that. Please give me some reasons, you, bread lover.

I do not like bread at all, so you can say “yes, Nico, for you is easy then”.

Well, you are right.  (Ps: actually I like bread, when it covered by nutella, the only way to eat it)

For me that kind of bread is just part of the table, of the environment, it is like a decoration, nothing to eat. If you are a bread lover, let me kindly ask you at least to try and do not eat it all, especially (that is the worst side) at the end of your meal, when you may feel still a bit empty, you go on and finish bread leftovers.

And you know why do you eat it? Just because it is there. Close to you. In front of you.


This is the answer I got anytime I asked for it.

Okay, it was nice. Till yesterday. From today on, I think we are going to change something a bit, we are going a step forward. What better feeling than receiving your dish, the dish you really wanted and you ordered, and be ready to enjoy it?

Yes, remember this: you did not ask for bread at all.

So be strong and do not look at it. Deal?


*2 No sauces: add just olive oil at the end

When you want to take care of your diet, well there are many details that are so important that we are going to forget about some of them, or we just do not consider them at all, by mistake. So, yes, you may have just made your salad, adding cucumber and tomatoes, and maybe some onions. Super healthy, is not it? Sure.

Even too much, enough is enough. Your meal should be always like a party, dynamic and various, nice, and even able to increase your smile and energy.

So, since a salad is basically tasteless, you decide to add something, to do something for enjoying a bit more your lunch. To dress it, someway.

Do not do it. Do not start and put sauces everywhere, one two or three spoons of them can easily kill you, starting from the palate. Just 3 spoons of any sauce and you will transform your perfect meal into the worst one.

What about adding some olive oil? I do not like it when it comes to fried foods, but adding it on your meal can give you effort, energy, power and make it really more taste. And it has a lot of proprieties, so many that I do not even know from where to start and list them: you can be sure they are magical.


*3 Do not go and have lunch/dinner with an empty stomach

This sounds like a very basic rule, but actually it is totally true. Just try to think of when you are entering a pizza shop, a restaurant or tavern with your stomach empty: you would ask for extra portion for sure. For an entire pizza, for three sandwiches, for the whole food available over there. You are so starving that you just cannot control yourself. It seems always not enough the food you are asking.

And this just because you think you are hungry, just because it looks very tasty, and your eyes are making it even magical! You are following your heart, I know, and that is great. Mine is just a suggestion in case you are wondering where to start and cut down some calories, what food habits you need to change.

So, instead of get lost into this situation, why do not go and have your morning or afternoon break, eating something beside your drink? Yes, do not skip these small but amazing breaks, much more important than you think.

Then you can be sure that lunch and dinner will not look the same to you. Still happy, less hungry, more smiling!


*4 Drink (water, please)

When you are thirsty, there are no better options than water. Sure, guaranteed. During hot days, after long walking, or just after awakening in the early morning, like after your training session in the gym or before having lunch. Any moment, any moment is the right one for drinking your glass of water. True.

Even if this is pure theory.

Let us be honest, how many time we feel like to drink a juice, a beer, a bit of wine instead? Hot chocolate after hot chocolate, tea after tea, coffee espresso or not, we just cannot stop, we just cannot control ourselves.

I perfectly know it. So, first advice, is to try and mix them up, in order to find some balance in between them.

Not only juices full of sugar, but also some water. Fifty fifty.

It is much more easy than you imagine. Just start and you will realize it.

And what about all those times you feel like eating something? A bit hungry? Yes, also those times, instead of starting to eat randomly first thing ends up in front of your eyes in the bar on the first floor or in the machine beside the coffee machine in your office, drink water.

Sometimes you confuse your hunger with your thirst.

So, just go and refresh yourself, and everything will be much better.


*5 It is not a marathon, chew and enjoy your meal with calm (you will eat less)

Food is nice, so very nice that you can easily fall in love with it. But enough is enough. You should always keep your calm and dignity. Dignity, exactly.

Plenty of times it happened to me to be sit at the table with some friends, waiting for our dishes. Once we got them, literally one minute after the waiter put them on the table, some friends of mine had already finished their portion.

And me? I have not even started, I have even not looked at it.

Okay I have to say that I eat very slowly because I prefer to rush the whole day but, when it comes to have some moment of relax, you have to enjoy them.

Without stress, without looking at the phone, without checking the clock.


So, let us come back to the eating process. Could you finish your whole dish in two minutes? I asked them: just out of curiosity, do you even realize what you just ate?

And they were just smiling, while replying me “no”.  Of course not, guys.


The whole “eating process” is very nice. From when you start and order your dish, when you are waiting for it, and when you get it. It looks like a long adventure, how could you make it disappear in just one second? Breathe, smile and then start.

And you will not even burn your tongue, since the dish will not be so hot.

I see only advantages!


And, last but not least, when you are going to eat in this way, finishing everything in 2 minutes, you are going to eat even much more food that you need.

Your stomach, your body, your heart, no-one in your body realized how much food you have already eaten, you have been so fast even for your mind. Breathe and calm down a bit, it will help.



Have you been brave enough to skip your extra portion of bread and juices filled in only with sugar?

Great job, great start.

Keep it for a few days and you will not able to come back to your previous habits.


The real secret is loving yourself: and by feeling better meal after meal, day after day, then you will end up following these steps unconsciously.

Guaranteed, 101%. Let us go and dream, to the next step.

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