Day trip outside Rome: Roman Castles traditional fairs

If you are planning to come to Rome on holiday, and you have some extra time, one advice I can give you is to explore also the area around the City, and today especially I am talking about the south-eastern part.  The Roman Castles area is formed by several small towns full of history, places to visit and explore and many events and fairs organized during the whole year, where you can still feel the traditions, enjoy the local cuisine and the unique sight of Rome.


How to get there

  • By Train (from Rome Termini Railway Station)
  • Travel time: 30/40 minutes
  • Frequency time: each hour
  • Price: 2,10 Euro
  • Terminal station (2 options):
  • Frascati (direct train)
  • Albano (it stops in Marino, Castel Gandolfo)


  • By Bus (from Anagnina Bus station – Underground Red Line, A)
  • Travel time: 25/40 minutes
  • Frequency: each 20/30 minutes
  • Price: 1,50
  • Terminal station (many options):
  • Albano
  • Ariccia
  • Castel Gandolfo
  • Frascati
  • Marino
  • Rocca di Papa
  • Rocca Priora

In the Roman Castles area, then you can easily move by bus


Roman Castles Fairs

So, you may be interested in joining some traditional fair, which are organized all year long, but especially in spring and summer time. So, it is time to see which kind of fair these countries offer and when they are using to be organized.

Our trip to Roman Castles is starting right now!

  • Ariccia

 Porchetta (typical pork) festival – 1st  weekend of September

One of the most famous Roman Castles’ places organizes a weekend in where you have the opportunity to try the “Porchetta”, typical from Ariccia: there are plenty of taverns (called Fraschette) where you can go and enjoy porchetta with other local products, like cheese, meat and wine. Yes, wine. You must try “Romanella”, typical of this area. So, write it down in your list.


  • Castel Gandolfo

Peach festival – last weekend of July

Another famous country of this area, Castel Gandolfo is known mainly because of the Pontifical Palace, that it has been the summer residence of the Popes. At the end of July you can also have the chance of tasting the renowned peaches.


  • Colonna

Pincinelle (kind of pasta) festival – 3rd  weekend of September

Do you want to discover another kind of pasta? Yes, spaghetti is just one of our types of pasta. Colonna is waiting for you in September with its Pincinelle, dressed with different sauces.


  • Frascati

Science week and European researchers night –  2nd half of September

One of the most beautiful towns of the Roman Castles, Frascati is glad to welcome you all year long to admire its beauties with an unique sight of Rome. In September it hosts the Science Week, the most important European event with hundreds of activities dedicated to science and the importance of the research nowadays.


  • Genzano

Flower festival – 2nd  half of June

This amazing fair takes place in Genzano di Roma: the road that leads to the Duomo is totally covered by a wonderful floral carpet, full of colours, that reproduces famous artworks.


  • Grottaferrata

National fair – 2nd  half of March

Well known for the Territorial Abbey of Santa Maria, Grottaferrata is glad to host tourists and locals in the National Fair that is held in the city during the second half of March.


  • Lariano

Bruschetta (bread) festival – 2nd  half of May

Have you ever heard  about the Italian “bruschetta”? Toasted bread rubbed with garlic and seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper. And when the bread is from Lariano, well, trust me, the result is incredibly unique!

Porcini mushroom festival – half September

But Lariano is not only bread, it is able to offer you much more: an example of it is called “Porcino mushroom”. At the end of the summer, when it usually starts to rain, it is the best time for mushrooms. This variety, named Porcini, is very fine and tasty. Do not miss the chance of trying Porcini with rice, delicious dish usually served in there. I started to be hungry while writing this article.


  • Marino

Grape festival – 1st  weekend of October

If you love wine, well you cannot miss this choice! During the first weekend of October, Marino is getting crazy and you will find wine literally everywhere, anytime: each corner is waiting for you with wine and typical local food. Come and join the grape festival if you want to have a look at the “miracle” of wine flowing from the fountains.

Chocolate festival – 2nd weekend of October

If you liked the wine, well you are maybe thinking of joining the chocolate festival, organized the weekend after the wine event. Many kiosks are completely full of chocolate products. And, for a chocolate lover as me, an event to write down in my list.


  • Nemi

Strawberry festival – 1st  sunday of June

In this small town, Nemi, is organized the strawberry festival in order to celebrate this fruit, that you could find in each form: strawberry jam, ice cream, in some dessert as well as liqueurs.


  • Rocca di Papa

Chestnut festival – 3rd  weekend of October

What better than eating warm chestnuts when the weather starts to be colder and colder? Rocca di Papa offers you the privilege of eating this magic product, with many other typical (x) of this area.


Roman Castles are awaiting for you!


Key words

And what about learning some Italian words before your trip? Of course, here you go!

  • Hello – Ciao
  • Yes / Not – Sì / No
  • Thank you – Grazie
  • You are welcome Prego
  • Excuse me – Mi scusi
  • Good morning Buongiorno
  • ”        afternoon Buon pomeriggio
  • ”        evening Buonanotte


Country basic information

  • Name: Italy (Italia)
  • Continent: Europe
  • Location: Southern Europe, UTC +1 (CET)
  • Country code: +39
  • Currency: Euro
  • Capital city: Rome
  • Main airports: Rome Fiumicino, Milan Malpensa, Bergamo, Milan Linate, Venice, Catania, Bologna, Naples, Rome Ciampino, Palermo


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