Delicious food tour: 3 typical dishes from Valencia, Spain

ValenciaWelcome to the third largest city of Spain, the beautiful Valencia. This city is truly amazing, full of colors and beauties to see and explore, this city is the perfect choice for your weekend.

If you are planning to spend a weekend somewhere but still not have anything scheduled, look no further! There are so many reasons to head to Valencia. And guess what? Today I am going to give you the one related to the food world.

Spain is well-known for its delicious flavors typical from the Mediterranean area, and Valencia surprised me even more with its tasty dishes. As you know I love discovering on my own some very typical products when travelling, since it is one of the best way to get closer to the culture you are exploring about.

Hungry enough?

The list of delicious dishes is quite long but in here I wanted to start with my three favorite ones.

Let us take a look at these delicious dishes I had the pleasure to try out.


3 typical dishes from Valencia, Spain

*1 Horchata de Chufa and Fartons 

You cannot imagine how much I love this delight typical from this beautiful land. Since the ancient time (the period of Muslim), Horchata de Chufa has been one of the best and healthiest drinks from all over the world.

A simply glass of this ice-cold vegan milk is able to make you smile in less than one second. It is made from tiger nut and besides being delicious has a lot of vitamins and natural properties to refill up your energy in a second.

This super refreshing and tasty drink is usually served with another delicious food of the city, named Fartons: sweet elongated pastries glazed with sugar.

This combination is just super. Too delicious.


*2 Paella Valenciana 

No surprise? I think this is one of the most famous dishes from Spain. But you may did not know that it has its roots in Valencia. One of the amazing facts of Paella is that it is served in stews, casseroles and then everyone is going to take its delicious portion.

Paella is a golden-brown layer of rice studded with several ingredients. The most traditional one is a mixture of chicken and rabbit with white and green beans and other vegetables. I tried the vegetarian version of it and I still feel its taste. This dish is totally a must-to-try when you are visiting Spain. Amazing.


*3 Calabaza asada (Roasted Pumpkin)

You know my love for dessert and cakes. Today I want to add that I love pumpkins too, since it is one of my favorite vegetables and cannot wait to try a new recipe which contains of them. Valencia gave me this present, under the name of Calabaza asada.

I tried out two versions of it. And I found out that I love either way.

As a snack you can easily grab a wedge of roasted pumpkin, in between your tour in the city. So great. Super recommended.

Since I liked the so much, I ordered as well in a restaurant and I got another version, delicious too. What if I say roasted pumpkin served with a bit of caramel sauce and some whipped cream? I could not believe in its super delicious flavor, refreshing and light at the same time.


Already on your way to Valencia then?

A wonderful sweet amazing city!

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  1. I love, love, love Spanish food and Paella is definitely one of my favourites, all of that saffron rice with the delicious additions. I have never tried it with rabbit that sound really special!


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