A delicious food trip: 5 amazing cakes to try in Hungary

hungarian cakesIntroduction

I still remember my first time in Hungary. It was winter, so cold especially for me as a Mediterranean soul,but I did not care too much: after all I was in Budapest.

It has been a dream since the very beginning of the journey: the magical atmosphere of the Hungarian capital is still in my heart. From the amazing view of the river Danube to the walk into Margaret Island, through the beauties that you are able to discover in each corner while walking in the downtown of the city: it is a stunning tour.

I have been reading plenty of articles about the delicious Hungarian sweets and cakes that I needed to try them all, step by step. Since the list is quite long and I love Budapest, every time I have the chance I fly over there, to continue this amazing sweet discovery and eat again my favorite ones.


For a sweet food lover as me, Budapest and Hungary look like a paradise.

Could you believe that I spent 4 days in Budapest and I ate only sweets food? To tell the truth just a few hours before leaving I tried a kind of savory pastry, by mistake… I mean, it was great the same, but it was not in my original plan.

Hungarian cakes are kind of magic, amazing, you just cannot stop eating.


Hungry enough? Well, time to go and explore these wonders.

5 Cakes to try in Budapest, Hungary

*1 Dobos torta (Dobos cake)

(Sponge cake layered with chocolate buttercream and glazed with caramel)

Known as one of the most famous cakes in Hungary, this seven-layers cake is just another great example of the super Hungarian cakes.  Invented in 1884 by the Hungarian pastry chef Jozsef C. Dobs, you can find it pretty much everywhere in the whole country.

If you started to be a bit hungry just by reading the recipe, I can totally understand you. And now that you will look at its picture, you will start and make it on your own.

Or plan to go to Budapest as soon as you can. It will be super totally worthy.


*2 Zserbó szelet (Gerbeaud cake)

(Layered cake with apricot jam and walnut filling, covered with chocolate)

I do believe that sometimes just by reading the ingredients of the recipe is enough. This is one of the cases indeed. This amazing cake was invented by the Swiss confectioner Emil Gerbeaud, who have lived in Hungary, and it is usually baked at Christmas time. No worries, luckily you will be able to find it anytime, all year long.

Well I am already going to look for some flight to Budapest, since this cake was the first one I tried in this wonderful city and by remembering it, I cannot resist it.

I fall in love with it again. Pure true love.


*3 Eszterházy torta (Esterházy torte)

(Light yellow butter cream spiced with cognac or vanilla, sandwiched between several layers of sponge cake, covered with apricot jam, iced with a fondant glaze and decorated with a chocolate striped pattern)

And what to say about this one? Hungarians make their desserts and cakes with true love and you can see the result. The more I am writing about it, the more I am dreaming thinking about the next slice of it. This cake is another one that can make you go crazy: invented by Budapest confectioners in the 19th century, it easily entered in the heart of many people, mine for sure.


*4 Flódni (Flódni)

(Layered cake with apple, walnut, poppy seeds and plum jam)

The trip is just started and we are already hungry. Perfect. So then let us move on a bit to another wonderful masterpiece of the Hungarian cuisine. Time to write down on your list this name: Flódni. I warn you to be very careful since it is very addictive and once you tried it, well… you will not want to leave Hungary!

All ingredients of this delicious, tasty, sensational cake make you able to dream, fly, and forget anything else. Kind of superpower, is not it?


*5 Somlói galuska (Somlo trifle)

(Made with three different sponge cakes – plain, chocolate and walnut – arranged into layers with pastry cream, grated walnut, syrup, raisins served with chocolate sauce and whipped cream)

If you have never heard about it before and you are a dessert lover, then let us welcome this super amazing sweet recipe coming straightly from the heart of Budapest. I cannot believe that humans are able to create such wonders: the taste of it is super and imagining to enjoy it in a super cool pastry of the city, make it absolutely fantastic.


So, now are you ready to start this trip? I can say that these are just some of the cakes you will find in Budapest, the ones that are maybe more famous and that I had the luck to try. But I can be sure you will love them all, spoon after spoon.

Super sure.

To be continued…

Key Words

And what about learning some Hungarian “sweets-related keywords” before your trip? Of course, here you go!

  • Coffee – Kávé
  • Cake – Torta
  • Confectionery/Pastry shop – Cukrászda
  • Dessert – Desszert
  • Price – Költség
  • Thank youKöszönöm
  • You are welcomeSzívesen   

Country basic information

  • Name: Hungary (Magyarország)
  • Continent: Europe
  • Location: Eastern Europe, UTC+1 (CET)
  • Country code: +36
  • Currency: Hungarian forint
  • Capital city: Budapest
  • Main airports: Budapest, Debrecen, Sármellék, Győr-Pér, Pécs-Pogány


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  1. A beautiful and delicious memory for me; reading this post. I remember having a Sachertorte when I visited Budapest. Did you try that? It was chocolatey and very delicious for me.


    1. nicoferre

      February 6, 2018

      Every time I go to Budapest and Hungary it is like a dream: and every time I try a different cake 🙂 Sachertorte? Yes, I did 🙂 I love chocolate and cakes and you are right, it has been delicious! Always ready to try out the next one!


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