Delicious walnuts: an amazing source of energy

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Since when I started to add some walnuts to my diet I got a lot of extra energy. Everything started during Christmas time some years ago. I had the chance to enjoy more free time and so I started to make some meals for relatives and friends. It has been love at first sight (like for pumpkin) in between me and walnuts: they are perfect as a powerful snack as well as special energetic ingredients to add in many dishes.

I can say that walnuts and cashews are my favorite kind of dried fruit: I try to be fair and eat every week them both, to keep a fair balance somehow. I got so curious about them that during my trips I always look for some delicious local recipe which includes walnuts. It is a pleasure anytime to realize this nut is one of the main ingredients of a lot of desserts all over the world! I need to share them as soon as possible, since they are so delicious!


One of the most common types of walnut is known as the Persian or English one. The English walnut originated in Persia region, and since the ancient time people realized how many benefits this magical fruit has. Over the years it got very popular and nowadays we can find them basically anywhere.

One recipe: Powerful salad with feta cheese and walnuts

(50 gr. lettuce salad, 50 gr. feta cheese, 30 gr. dried tomatoes, 3 walnuts, 15/20 pumpkin seeds, olive oil)

What about having an amazing salad for dinner? I do believe it is always the right moment to enjoy it. I love making salad also because you can use your creativity, by creating every single time a delicious meal. How to make it real? As always you know that we try to keep the recipe very easy.
Just choose your bowl and then take all ingredients: mixing up feta cheese with dried tomatoes, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and dressing it with olive oil? I am getting hungry right now!
Does it sound delicious? I have just made it last week and I cannot wait to make this salad again 😉

Healthy and powerful, delicious and full of energy: let us welcome walnuts into our daily diet 😉

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