Discovering the beautiful Wales: 5 top attractions in Conwy

conwyI have recently had the opportunity of visiting Conwy, a wonderful cozy city of North Wales. You know what? It totally surprised me, since during my stay I was able to discover many beautiful corners of it.

Starting from the majestic Castle to the lovely seaside, Conwy has plenty of attractions and places to offer to its visitors. And since I have not visited everything, I would love to be back in there very soon.

Winter or summer time then? Both of them are simply perfect to organize your weekend in this beautiful walled town located on the coast. It is very close to Liverpool and Manchester (around 2 hours by train), so you can even organize a daily trip while you are visiting other cities. Perfect, is not it?

You know that Wales is one of the best travel destinations for Gemini people? To know more on the matter, check out these Gemini curiosities in this article.

5 top attractions in Conwy

*1 Conwy Castle

Welcome to this wonderful castle, so stunning and beautiful that today is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is just impossible to stop in Conwy and do not go and admire this wonder. The view from battlements is really breathtaking, since you can enjoy sea and mountains in a really magical and unique atmosphere.

*2 Conwy Suspension Bridge

And what about this incredible piece of art? We do not even need words to describe it. All to do is just go and enjoy its beauty. This structure is one of the road suspension bridges in thw world, which it is a pedestrian access only nowadays. Simply stunning!

*3 Plas Mawr

Time to head over Plas Mawr, probably the best preserved Elizabethan townhouse in Britain. We can easily say that it is an architectural gem, built by Robert Wynn (an influential merchant) and it stands perfectly as a symbol of a buoyant age. Is not cool enough for visiting it? ๐Ÿ™‚

*4 Aberconwy House

Another stunning place to visit is the Aberconwy House, an amazing medieval merchant’s house. Are you ready for an incredible historical tour? Since you definitely should. A magical trip that will let you discover how people lived from Tudor to Victorian times is waiting for you in this lovely place ๐Ÿ˜‰

*5 Smallest House in Great Britainย 

Looking for the Smallest House in Great Britain? Look no further! Such a tiny, cozy, lovely house located in the city of Conwy, just in front of the sea. I do like its amazing bright red color. Wondering about how to find this house out? Just look for the tourists taking a selfie with it. There is always a nice queue in there, to take a picture with this fantastic attraction. ๐Ÿ™‚

Discovering Wales, let us go! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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