Discovering England: 7 things to do in Oxford

oxfordSurely you have heard plenty of times about Oxford and its University. After some weeks spent in this cozy and charming city, I realized Oxford has a lot to offer to its visitors, beside the majestic University and its college campuses.

What to say about the weather? It is totally crazy. I did not expect it at all. It is incredibly sunny and it rained just one day in almost two months. It is crazy, is not it? I was ready to head to England to enjoy some fresh air, but actually I got plenty of sun. As italian soul, I do not complain about it, of course.

Walking here and there in order to discover the city, I explored so many wonderful corners and beauties which I completely ignored since a few time ago. It is time to start our magical Oxford tour!

7 things to do in Oxford

*1 Carfax tower

Let us start the trip with the magical Carfax tower. Since it is a very good reference point for touring the city centre of Oxford, this tower is often used as a meeting point. Being the highest tower in central Oxford, just go to the top of it and you can enjoy a stunning view of Oxford city.

*2 Ashmolean Museum

I do suggest you to go and enjoy this amazing museum. Even if museums are not my thing, I was very pleased to have the chance and admire the oldest public museum in England. You can take a wonderful trip into history, from ancient Greek and Roman statues to Egyptian ones.

*3 Enjoy the view from the rooftop 

In the downtown, close to the Carfax tower, there is a big mall (named Westgate Oxford) where you can basically find anything you may need. If you want to go shopping or just enjoy some moments of relax, this is the right place for you. After entering it, I suggest you to go upstairs to the last floor and you will have the unique chance of  admiring a charming postcard of Oxford city. You will also find plenty of bars and restaurants, ready to offer you quality dishes coming from the ancient tradition.

*4 Take a boat trip – Punting

If you love sports then you can start and write down on your list a punting experience. Oxford is able to offer you many sportive proposals, like this one. This service is really well organized and this way you will discover the city through its river while surrounding by nature. From the morning till the late afternoon, punting is waiting for you!

*5 Christ Church 

In the downtown you cannot miss the chance of exploring such a wonderful building. If you are a fan of Harry Potter you will be pleased to discover that some scenes of the movie were filmed in here. If you want to enjoy this magical atmosphere, then be ready to fit this Church into your Oxford tour.

*6 The Covered Market

Walking through the streets of the city centre, you will also find wonderful market. Get ready to find several goods: from fresh fruit to delicious cakes. Just to let you know, in here I found out and tried many tasty sweets and desserts: it is an amazing spot where to take a break and refill your body.

*7 Cycling tour

This is another great way to discover the city. The service is very efficient and if you love discovering new realities and corners while keeping you fit this sounds like a perfect option. Just go and rent a bike and join some cycling tours which are organized in the city: a pure discovery of the beauty of Oxford.


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