Eat healthy when traveling? 7 essential tips

healthyEat healthy when traveling? This is one of the most essential aspects, as you surely know.

It could be your beloved holiday as well as your work, when you are not following your daily food routine then it is not very easy to eat in a proper healthy way.

Even in our every day life, sometimes we face some difficulties to eat healthy, so you can imagine how it gets harder while travelling.

Many times we just start to do not pay attention to the food we are going to eat, since we are totally focused on the new city we are exploring, the landscapes we are admiring, the feelings we are enjoying. That is so nice and cool, sure.

In order to enjoy our trip to the fullest, it is also important to take into consideration our food schedule. At least trying to do our best.

This is why it is important to keep in mind some tips and advice during our journey, in order to combine the happiness and real joy of trying out some new dishes from different cultures while taking also care about our health.

Is this challenging? It could be. But having a good level of energy and power during your travel is super amazing.

Eat healthy while traveling: 7 essential tips

*1 Always take breakfast

Breakfast. My favorite meal. How could we forget to have a great one while traveling? No way. You may have to catch your flight at 5am as well as a long bus journey just ahead of you. You can face snow fall or a very hot weather. No matter what, no excuses. Remember to start your day with an amazing and complete breakfast. It will give you enough energy all day long. Yogurt, proteins, vitamins, coffee and tea, water, you can eat whatever you feel like. But do not skip it. That is the real secret!

*2 Once per day remember to eat vegetables

I love vegetables: I mean besides desserts, cakes and ice-creams they are my favorite food. But let us be honest. While traveling is not always easy nor possible to eat a lot of veggies. You want to step out your daily food schedule. And this is right. Remember to eat them once per day: it could be even a salad at dinner time. It will bring freshness and vitamins to your body. It is an essential secret.

*3 Bring some cool snacks with you

Another thing I try to remember is bringing some nice snack with me. You never know when you can feel hungry on your trip and want to eat something. If you have with you some nice snacks (it could be fruit like oranges, dry fruits such as walnuts, almonds, cashews or any other – more or less healthy – snack) you do not have to stop anywhere to grab first thing you see in the bar.

This way you will save:

  • money, since you already have your snack with you;
  • time, because you do not need to stop somewhere to get food;
  • health, since your snacks may are more healthy than the first thing you find on your way just because starving

*4 Look for a supermarket on your way

I love markets. Just by entering them you have access to a lot of choices, looking for different kind of food and drinks you need. They are so useful and a cheap option every time, especially when you are travelling. Sometimes I look for them even before searching on the map for monuments or areas to visit. When you know where markets are, then your trip start to be easier.

You always know where to head over to find drinks and food and other items at a reasonable price.

*5 Do not stress yourself out. Be curious and positive

You are traveling. On vacation or because of work, you are still traveling. So what about trying to enjoy the trip itself? After all, you are may exploring new corners of the world. If on one hand it is very important to take into consideration some tips for caring about your health, on the other side you should not be so strict with yourself. Not everything have to be planned, not everything can be schuduled. And even if you want to plan every detail, you can be sure that plenty of those things will be different on your trip. Be flexible, open to new sceneries, landscapes. Be positive and enjoy the magical trip.

*6 Not to forget to drink water (room temperature)

The city is so beautiful, full of colors and beauties that you cannot stop exploring. Especially in summer time we need to drink a lot of water and while you are walking under the sun even more. So before starting your day, take a few minutes to enter a supermarket and buy your magical bottles of water. Room temperature please.

*7 Try local food 

I do believe that food is one of the best way to get closer to the culture and country you are visiting. So what better than trying out new dishes? So cool. Sometimes we want to try so many dishes that we challenge our body too much. What about trying a new dish, a new ingredient or recipe step by step, without mixing all of them together in the same meal? This way you:

  • will remember better the flavors of the several dishes you tried;
  • will not end up trying too many foods at the same time, super ready to try them in the following meal;
  • will not feel heavy, ready to go on exploring the city;
  • will give energy to your body, but not too many calories.

You will enjoy your trip. While taking care of your health. So easy, is not it?


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