Experience: its meaning explained through a special simple story

experienceWhat is experience?

What does this simple word mean?

Think of it for a moment. Let us see an example of everyday life.

Tonight you decide to cook a simple dish, you do not have so much time and you also do not even want to, let’s say. And then, you decide to make pasta with tuna. Simple, right? Yes, it is.


Are you sure it is simple? Perhaps it is easy only for you, but not for other billions of people. And… do you know why it is simple, or at least you think it is?

Because you have made it billions of times.


You approached that process on several occasions: once at your friend’s house, another while preparing special dinner for your sister at midnight, another one during a normal afternoon when suddenly, feeling hungry, you decided to make yourself your fantastic pasta. Each of these circumstances, unconsciously, has taught you something, each one have made you that great chef you are today.


But you did not realize it immediately.

You probably did not mind, you learned the lesson without even thinking about it.

And this always happens, when it comes to experience. This is probably a common side of experience, giving you something, step by step.

From the abstract to your mind. It feeds your heart, your soul, your whole body.


So, let us come back to our pasta.

The first time you saw someone cooking it, you realized that you had to add salt in the cooking water, by seeing your mother doing it; you did even not know what “pasta with tuna” was, but just by seeing that cozy ready dish just in front of you, you felt ready to cook it and you felt ready to make your version of it, you just could not wait for your next opportunity to show your talent.


And you were very lucky. The second chance arrived quite soon: dynamic and proud of yourself, you started to cook it just back at home, after your University lessons. You opened the kitchen, took the pan and filled it with water, but that salt you actually needed to add, you forgot it: only while you were eating, while looking at the television, you realized that there was something strange, that one was not the same pasta you ate the week before. There was something missing: only at that point you realized that, the salt, that salt, was crucial.

“But how could I forget?” You said yourself, you repeated yourself.

From that moment on, you would have not forgotten this.


Five days later, pasta with tuna again, new edition. You still remember the third time: you were so confident that you were looking forward to that lunch time to prepare it. So this time you remembered to add the salt, first thing; you cooked your pasta 2 minutes less than the cooking time, thinking it would not be a problem: but then you tasted it and realized that it was still a bit raw, and not “al dente”, Italian typical version. At that moment, you have understood another little secret, always observe cooking times. Still, it was not the same pasta as the first time.


The fourth attempt was approaching you, and it was in a special evening: a romantic dinner with your girlfriend. You could not fail. You were thinking about all the mistakes you made, in sequence, and you were sure about the fact that another episode, another mistake would have happened that night. All those details might be insignificant at the beginning of your “chef career” but that were actually crucial to getting a great result.


It was the fourth time the pasta was cooked in the best possible way. You were so worried about tasting it, by thinking something went wrong with it, by thinking that a little detail was not right again.

But it was great. You almost could not believe it. But you did it, successfully.

Your friend “experience” was working with you for the whole process in order to give its help, driving you in every step towards a fantastic achievement.

Exactly like this.

Experience after experience, you have always learned something more. Consciously, unconsciously, by looking at others, by looking at yourself.

Many small, tiny mistakes, that actually were great teachings.

You have made them yours; and so you have been able to transform your weaknesses into one of your great strengths.

Trust yourself. Keep on going. And the world will be yours.

Step by step, day by day.

So, please make a pasta with tuna for us today!

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