Facing hot weather? 7 surprising tips on how to deal with it

hotAre you finally going on your deserved holiday? Super cool. Are you going to face an hot summer weather over there? No problems at all. Most of us love summer and warm weather, especially when it comes to holidays, where all you want is just to live, relax and enjoy it. No time for over thinking, no time for taking care of many things: just turn on your car, catch the flight or the train and start to dream is all you need.


Sometimes it happens you have ended up spending your holiday or your work days in a country in which you will find 40° Celsius degrees awaiting for you: a very “hot” welcome.


You know, I used to spend the whole summer in Rome (in the last 4 years I spent this period abroad, in a “colder” environment), but I still remember those feelings: stuck in your car into the traffic jam with 35° Celsius degrees day time and 25° at night dressed with plenty of humidity; it feels like living in an oven: no, after all, I am not missing it a whole lot.


Is it possible to win the battle against such a hot weather? Of course, we have some nice suggestions to tackle it down. Ready?


You vs. Hot Weather: Let’s win!

*1 Do not eat too much, drink

Even if you feel super hungry, the best option is to not eat too much; instead try and eat a snack many times per day, this way will be much easier to digest it and you will feel recharged and ready to discover a new corner of the city. So basically every time you are thinking of eating something more than necessary, stop yourself, breathe, and drink. Water.

And repeat.


*2 No air conditioning available? Even better

Actually I do not like air conditioning, since we are not in a trustful relationship: every single time I turn it on in my car as well as I enter some commercial center air conditioning oriented, I already know how it will end: I will catch a cold. 100%, you can be super sure about it.

Yes, I do. So, since many years, I decided to do not use it at all, and I am still surviving summertime, so I think it is not mandatory. It is just an idea living in your mind: try not to think of it for a while, and you will realize how much better is to live the “real” room temperature: your body is already ready to say thank you to you.


*3 What about create a cold wind? Feel like a magician

What about trying and showing your artistic skills? It is the right moment.

It is like an art. When I discovered this method and realized that it actually works, I felt happy like a child. So, first wet a cloth with cold water and then attach it to an open window in the room. This will create a pleasant refreshing breeze. Good job.

Now you deserve a beer.


*4 Drink hot drink

Yes, exactly like this. You have been walking in the city for some hours and your dream is just to find a nice bar where to buy your cold soft drink, your beer, your freezing bottle of water. Super wrong! I did it so many times, I experienced it on my own person that is not the best choice: after 5 minutes you will feel even hotter. So you may not feel like making yourself some hot tea when outside looks like living in a desert: anyway, hot drinks help you to maintain body temperature low. Or at least, drink something stored at room temperature.

And it will be super.


*5 No swimming pool nor sea nearby? No problem

You cannot wait to go to the swimming pool in the nearby, to head to the sea, or the wonderful lake located just 15 minutes away from your position. Yes, true, it is super nice. But, what if you do not have these options? Let us say you are in a wonderful city, but there are no chances to get to some refreshing areas like those ones. So?

You know, we have other ways  in our hands. For example, take some water from the tap, from the fountain and just put it on your hands, wrists, neck.

Did you see that? It is not so bad.


*6 Cool the fan air

Okay, if you want to express yourself at the most of your power, just fill in a bowl with several ice cubes and place it on a shelf in front of the fan, which will give you back a pleasant fresh air. It will be created a nice cold circle, when you need even to look for a sweater that helps you to do not feel cold. In the heart of a very hot summer day, this for sure is another solution.


*7 Yogurt mode: ON

Yes, exactly. That is what I do for many reasons all year long: eat yogurt. Think of going to the lunch time with 35 degrees and to be in an endless queue where everyone is in order to get a “salty” hot meal.

Instead of melting under the sun, I usually go for yogurt (do you know how many benefits it brings to you? Take a quick look here), which usually people consider as a dessert, but for me it is the full lunch. That is why at lunchtime there is always no line. No time to wait and to waste, and such a fresh food, a fresh (not freezing) feeling that you can dress as you like: fruits, coconut or cocoa powder, caramel, strawberry, nutella, take your sweet choice. It is not a yogurt, it is like a dream, with new different tastes every single time you make your own.

Then just enjoy it: you will forget even where you are.



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