Food tour: breakfast in Amsterdam, lunch in Warsaw, dinner in Istanbul

foodYou can travel because of your work or on holiday: sometimes it happens that you can spend the whole day traveling. It happens that you have to take several flights and experience jet lag, without realizing which part of the day are you living in. Have you ever thought about having your three main meals in different cities across the globe within the same day?

This time the tasty food tour is going to happen across Europe. Waking up in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), trying to catch up the best  Dutch breakfast ever; moving on and having a super lunch break in Warsaw (Poland), before ending up the day in Istanbul (Turkey). It is going to be a magical food tour, by exploring several cultures and delicious local dishes.

Living like a local. You are doing it super right ­čśë

Food tour

*1 Breakfast in Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Good morning Amsterdam! Waking up in this charming city sounds like a great way to kick off the day. By walking here and there, you can easily get lost into its beauty. Wondering about some delicious ideas for your breakfast in The Netherlands? My first suggestion (as a sweets lover) is to have a delightful Appeltaart, an amazing Dutch version of the famous apple pie. I remember its taste and I must say this food is really delicious. This is a tart born in the Middle Ages, filled in with apples, cinnamon, raisins, sugar, lemon juice and sometimes even brandy or rum.

Another great idea is to look for┬áOntbijtkoek, which literally means “breakfast cake”. Made with rye flour,┬á its main ingredients are candied fruit, honey, cinnamon, ginger, cloves; there are many versions of it, with raisins and nuts too. A very healthy and energetic way to fill in your body with vitamins and power, getting ready to travel!

*2 Lunch in Warsaw (Poland)

And I am super happy to welcome you to the wonderful Poland! Warsaw, the capital city, is a very nice place to visit, full of history and natural beauties. If you are ending up having lunch in there, it could be a nice idea to try out the Polish cuisine. My favorite choice for lunch is Pierogi, the famous polish dumplings. I had the chance of trying them in the vegetarian version: very small dumplings filled in with sauerkraut with mushrooms, cheese and potatoes (there are many of versions of them, with meat too).

You can also try out Bigos, another Polish typical dish. This┬áhunter’s stew is made of various cuts of meat, cabbage, sauerkraut, onions, tomatoes and mushrooms. And what about┬áPlacki? These are delicious fried potato pancakes: I tried them out with sour cream. Still in love with them!

*3 Dinner in Istanbul (Turkey)

Having a dinner in Istanbul sounds like the perfect ending of your daily food tour. This enchanting Turkish city has many typical dishes to offer to its visitors. My suggestion is to start the food tour with the typical┬áMeze,┬áa range of cold delicious appetisers (like┬áPatl─▒can Ezmesi – some grilled eggplants with yogurt, or┬áZeytinya─čl─▒ Enginar – artichoke).

─░mam bay─▒ld─▒ is another perfect option for your staying. This stuffed aubergine entree is really delicious, it is usually filled in with rice (also bulgur), meat and/or other vegetables. Ending your meal with a delicious Baklava? What an amazing idea, I do agree! A nutty and syrupy pastry dessert (often topped with pistachios) which is waiting for you anytime. To make your Turkish food experience unforgettable!

Ready to travel and find out many delightful dishes around the world ­čśë


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