Food tour: breakfast in Geneva, lunch in Panama, dinner in Marrakech

foodAre you ready for enjoying the three main meals in different cities across the globe within the same day? This time we are going to fly over from Europe to Central America, ending up having dinner in Northern Africa.

I bet it will be an amazing and colorful food tour. How does it feel waking up in Geneva, wonderful city of Switzerland for a tasty breakfast? Shortly after it will be the time to leave and fly with our mind to Panama (Panama), in Central America. The perfect end of the day? By having a great dinner in Marrakech, stunning city of Morocco. 

Sit back and relax, ready to enjoy this food tour all around the globe!

Food tour

1* Breakfast in Geneva (Switzerland)

Good morning Geneva! Starting the day in this magical city is simply amazing. Have you ever thought of putting Geneva in your travel destination list? How to kick off the morning with plenty of energy? I do believe you can go and have your energetical bowl of Birchermüesli, which contains oats, raisins, dried fruit (as hazelnuts and almonds) and grated apples. I simply love it!

And what about the famous Zuger Kirschtorte? This is a cake that consists of layers of nut-meringue, sponge cake and buttercream, and it is also flavoured with cherry brandy kirschwasser, just to make it even more delicious. I think you have already fallen in love with it. Me too! Since you are in Switzerland, well you should not forget to eat some chocolate: no doubt you are going to find some of the best qualities of it in here!

2* Lunch in Panama (Panama)

Welcome to such a lovely and sunny travel destination! When in Panama you can literally feel the vibes of the oceans while discovering more about the historical and cultural aspects of the city. If you are going to have your lunch in Panama, then it will be the right moment for having some typical Panamanian dishes. Then what better than starting with a Sancocho, a soup where chicken and beef are the main ingredients?

Another amazing soup you may want to try is the Caldo De Bolas De Verde (a dumpling soup), perfect to fill in your body with healthy ingredients as corn, yucca and cabbages. Looking for another typical food? Ropa Vieja is also a very traditional one: beef and spices like pepper and oregano are waiting for you!

Want to enjoy some typical drinks? Here are two beautiful options. Batidos are simply the best option if you need some refreshing fruit smoothies, such as papaya and mango. In case you want to buy yourself a delicious and tasty drink, go for a super Chicheme: a sweet drink made with corn, vanilla and almond milk.

Already dreaming about it? 🙂

3* Dinner in Marrakech (Morocco)

After spending the whole day traveling, ending up having your dinner in Marrakech sounds very good. The Moroccan cuisine is really tasty that it is hard to choose from where to start. Well if I need to pick one dish out, I would go for a super Zaalouk: it is a smoked aubergine dip seasoned with olive oil, garlic and several tasty spices. I could have it for dinner everyday: simply delicious!

Couscous is also typical from Morocco and it can be served with meat or vegetable stew: both options are super tasty. If you are going to spend some days in this magical land, then remember to taste the delicious Tagines: basically it is a variety of vegetables and meats are slow-cooked in a clay pot called the tagine.

Other dishes that it would be great to try are B’ssara (fava bean soup) and Harira (soup with tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas and lamb): I am sure you will probably start and cook them when back home!

Besides this delightful Moroccan food tour, you will surely have the opportunity to drink a super Mint tea, perfect choice for any moment of the day.

Time to enjoy these amazing dishes coming from these suuuper beautiful and fascinating countries 😉

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