Food tour: breakfast in Lisbon, lunch in Addis Abeba, dinner in Tel Aviv

food tourReady for another amazing food tour? Today we are going to fly and discover many tasty dishes for your day around the world. We will start by enjoying a super amazing breakfast in Lisbon (the capital of Portugal), to get lost into some delicious sweet treats. What about lunch? It is time to move to Addis Abeba (Ethiopia), in the heart of Africa. Dinner will be in Tel Aviv (Israel), the best spot where to end your fabulous journey.

Food tour: breakfast in Lisbon, lunch in Addis Abeba, dinner in Tel Aviv

1* Breakfast in Lisbon (Portugal)

Early morning and already hungry? Let us go and find out what to have for a super breakfast 😉

  • Pastel de Nata, a super delicious custard tart topped with cinnamon (I love them);
  • Torrada com manteiga, bread with butter;
  • Tosta mista, toasted ham and cheese sandwich;
  • Queijadas de Sintra, cheese tarts made with eggs, milk, sugar and cinnamon;
  • Galão, an amazing milky coffee perfect beside your wonderful recipes.

2* Lunch in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia)

Moving on to the next travel destination, Ethiopia is the right place where to go and enjoy a typical lunch:

  • Wat, which are stews that could be with meat (like chicken) or vegetables (a mix of green beans, lentils, fava beens, spinach and carrot;
  • Injera, a spongy flatbread made of fermented teff flour, spread on a pan and dressed in different ways;
  • Yetsom Beyaynetu, a combination of vegetables served on a plate of injera;
  • Shiro, a truly delicious chickpeas (or broad beens) powder-based dish cooked with onions, garlic and berbere (an Ethiopian spice).

3* Dinner in Tel Aviv (Israel)

Do you know who is waiting for your visit at dinner time? Tel Aviv and its tasty meals 🙂

  • Hummus, the creamy magical and healthy dip where chickpeas are the main ingredient. I love it!;
  • Falafel, deep-fried chickpea balls usually served with pita bread or some rice;
  • Shakshuka, a hearty spicy tomato topped with poached eggs;
  • Chraime, which is fish in a tasty tomato and pepper sauce, dressed with plenty of spices;
  • Kanafeh, a super cheese pastry soaked in a sweet syrup.

Food tour style 😉

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