Food tour: breakfast in Paris, lunch in Beirut, dinner in Rome

food tourReady for our next food tour all around the globe? I do believe it 😉
This time we will have three different stops in between Europe and the Middle East. How does it sound to discover Paris (France) by taking an amazing breakfast in this stunning city? Lunch time will be in Beirut (Lebanon), to explore its amazing beauty while enjoying its tasty and unique cuisine. Our special dinner will wait for us in Rome (Italy), just to end up the day by admiring the beautiful Italian landscapes.

Food tour

1* Breakfast in Paris (France)

Wondering how does it feel to wake up in Paris? Amazing. A charming city with a very tasty and delicious cuisine. If you decide to have a breakfast in here, be ready for an incredible food tour.

As you surely know, one of the most famous French food is croissant, that you can find basically anywhere. There are many versions of it, with several fillings starting from the one with chocolate (pain au chocolat). Another great option is pain aux raisins, a spiral-shaped raisins bread. And what about going and taste a perfect tartine (French bread with butter and jam)? Believe me: you will simply love it. What to drink besides these delicious sweet treats? Go for a café au lait or café crème (coffee with a cream, like the milk) or a powerful orange and grapefruit juice. 

2* Lunch in Beirut (Lebanon)

Welcome to the stunning destination of Beirut, which is ready to show you all its beauty while discovering its mouth-watering cuisine. Ready to fall in love with its food? Let us go 😉
As a starter, a very tasty hummus, a spread made from chickpeas and sesame seeds, lemon, garlic and olive oil. Another dish I really like is falafel, fava beans or chickpeas (and many spices as garlic, coriander, cumin) formed into balls: my opinion? Simply delicious any moment of the day.

Kibbeh is a Lebanese National dish. A very tasty mixture of minced meat and bulgur, usually served in the form of croquettes. Simply amazing, is not it?

Not to mention the taste of the magical tabbouleh (I love it so much that I tried to make my own quinoa tabbouleh recipe). This is a super freshy and healthy salad: a quick stop before going on with your cultural tour.

3* Dinner in Rome (Italy)

Ending up your day in Rome? The Italian capital city is waiting for your visit! What to eat in Rome? You know, with a typical dish of pasta you never go wrong. I do recommend you to try out bucatini all’amatriciana and spaghetti alla carbonara, two of the best expressions of the Roman cuisine. Another dish you could easily find everywhere is carciofo alla romana (Roman style artichoke), which is going to surprise you for its incredible and unique taste.

If you have enough time, why not to head over to Pompi, my favorite spot for tasting tiramisù? If you are a sweets lover, then you definitely need to try a slice of crostata di ricotta e visciole (Roman sour cherry cheesecake).  Simply delicious, after tasting it you will not be able to stop eating it.

Fooood tour time 😉


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