Food tour: breakfast in Phnom Penh, lunch in Mexico city, dinner in Athens

food tourReady for another round of our delicious food tour around the world? 😉
Today it is going to be a truly discover of three wonderful capital cities, by enjoying their tasty cuisine.

Are you waking up in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) at the moment? That is really amazing to see what this beautiful city can offer for your super breakfast. And what about planning a fantastic lunch break in Mexico city (Mexico)? I am really getting hungry. Our dinner time will be held in Athens, just to end up the day in the wonderful capital of Greece.

Let us move on then 😀

Food tour

1* Breakfast in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

If you are waking up and looking for a powerful breakfast, you surely are in a right spot. What if we kick off the day with a super cup of Bobor, the Cambodian porridge? Your body is going to be full of energy, 100% sure. If you are a dessert lover, another dish you cannot avoid is Nom Korng, also known as the Cambodian donuts. These are made from rice flour, covered with jelly and sesame seeds. Just in case you need an extra amount of sugar this morning 😉

Moving on the savoury side, then one dish you should write down in your list is Num Banh Chok, which can be considered as a national dish. This means you will find it in any corner. Its ingredients? Rice noodles with a fish-based green curry sauce and turmeric root, where many other vegetables can be easily added on top. Plenty of vitamins for starting your day in the best possible way 🙂

Wondering about what to drink? Let us go for a Kar-fe toek doh koh toek gok, a delicious iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk; if tea is your thing, then do not forget to try Te Khiev (green tea), which is served either iced or hot.

2* Lunch in Mexico city (Mexico)

Welcome to Mexico for your deserved lunch break. Someone said Tacos? You can enjoy this typical Mexican dish pretty everywhere. These are tortillas with different, delicious and various fillings. One of the most popular varieties is the Tacos al pastor, stuffed pork placed on a corn tortilla and marinade with plenty of spices. Enchiladas are another example of what kind of delicious food is waiting for you in Mexico city. These corn and flour tortillas are filled in several ways, mainly including cheese, meat, vegetables. Another great news? If you are a Guacamole (mashed-up avocadoes, onions, lemon juice and chilli peppers) lover, then finally you have the chance of trying it in its country of origin! 🙂

Something fresh to drink during your food tour? Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus Tea) is a very popular beverage as well as Agua de Horchata, a delicious rice (or coconut) based drink.

3* Dinner in Athens (Greece)

Walking into the Greek history this evening? Definitely keep some time to try this delicious cuisine. From where to start? This is the real question! 😀

Spanakopita is a super filo pastry stuffed with spinach and feta cheese: truly delicious. What about Dolmades (grape-leaves stuffed with rice and vegetables or meat)? Not to mention Moussaka (eggplants, minced meat, bechamel sauce, tomato and much more – I tried the vegetarian option and I loved it). In case you do prefer cheese, then you can go for a Saganaki (deep fried cheese).

Do we want to say something about Tzatziki (an amazing yogurt with cucumber and garlic)? It is simply one of my favorite dip. Well, also a Greek salad is always super welcome, with its typical and amazing Feta cheese, surrounded by cucumbers, onions and olives.

Food tour? Delicious, worthy worldwide food tour 😉

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