Food tour: breakfast in St. Petersburg, lunch in Limassol, dinner in Bali

foodNew month, new food tour? That is right. How much do we love to travel? It does not matter if we are able to schedule our next trip for the upcoming weekend or during next weeks. What we love is to travel with our heart and mind, by getting closer with many beautiful spots on the world.

Ready for today’s adventure? This time we are going to start our magical food tour by waking up in the majestic city of St. Petersburg (Russia), while discovering what a breakfast looks like over there. Moving on to another meal, we will end up in the wonderful Limassol (Cyprus), to check it out its delicious culinary offer for lunch. What better than having our dinner in the stunning city of Bali, located in the amazing country of Indonesia?

Food tour

*1 Breakfast in St. Petersburg (Russia)

Waking up in St. Petersburg this morning? I do believe it is an amazing atmosphere, where you will easily get lost by admiring the beauty of city. If you were wondering how it looks like having a breakfast in here, you do not need to wait for too long. You can go and try kasha, which is a type of porridge made from different grains. If you love eating sweet food in the morning, you can also have a slice of Sharlotka, a very delicious apple cake.

Also remember to write down in your list blinis: these are Russian pancakes served with a variety of sweet and savoury fillings. If you are hungry enough, bear in mind that fried eggs are also very popular and you can find them pretty anywhere. Let us complete this tasty list with syrniki. This is another food you should try it out: fat cottage cheese pancakes usually served with jam and sour cream. Delicious, are not they? 😉

*2 Lunch in Limassol (Cyprus)

Be ready to start and dream with Cypriot delicious food.

From where to start? Of course with the well-known Halloumi. This is a white-brined cheese made from a mixture of goat and sheep milk. You can easily find many versions of it: fresh, grilled or fried. I can say that you are going to love each version of it. Another dish I suggest you to enjoy is called Gemista: a tasty stuffing of vegetables, like tomatoes, peppers, courgettes (and many tasty spices)

If you need a lot of energy for your travel day, then a great choice is Stifado: beef cooked with onions and several spices (as cinnamon) and usually served with bulgur or rice. What about desserts? The list is quite long, since there are many delicious sweet treats waiting for you. You can eat Loukoumades (fluffy sweet honey puffs, fried and crispy) and Pastelli (sesame seed candy, peanuts and honey, made from carob fruit syrup). Every choice will be the right one, I am super sure about that!

*3 Dinner in Bali (Indonesia)

Just landed in Bali and dinner time is approaching? Well I can say you are very lucky today. This lovely city located in Indonesia is well known for its beautiful landscapes and also its delicious food. Let us start this food tour with a classic Indonesian staple of fried noodles: Mie Goreng. This is usually served with vegetables and a choice of chicken or shrimp.

As you know rice is a typical food of this area, so you can find it in many dishes, like Nasi Campur (mixed rice with vegetables, fish or meat), which is waiting for you in each corner of the city. Another typical dish is Lawar, a traditional mix containing meat, vegetables and spices.

Any sweet option? Yes, of course. There is always room for desserts. Bubur Injun is made from black glutinous rice porridge with coconut milk and palm sugar and it is simply delicious. And how forget about the magical Pisang Goreng (Banana Fritters)? One of the best desserts you can find in this beautiful city.

Ready to enjoy this delicious food tour 😉

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