Food tour: breakfast in Stockholm, lunch in Muscat, dinner in Tirana

food tourWhat about starting the new month with a super delicious food tour around the globe? From Europe to Asia, it is time to find out more about some typical food you can find in many countries. Today we are going to enjoy a delicious breakfast in Stockholm (the capital of Sweden); after walking here and there, a tasty colorful lunch is waiting for us in Muscat (Oman). Our magical daily tour will end up in the amazing capital of Albania, Tirana.

I really cannot wait to find it out more. Ready to join this amazing tour? 😉

Food tour

1* Breakfast in Stockholm (Sweden)

Good morning Sweden! If you wake up this morning in the magical atmosphere of Stockholm, a super delicious breakfast is waiting for you. You could have an open-faced sandwich called Smörgås, which consists of bread, butter and cheese. It is common to add on it many different ingredients as cucumber, tomato and other vegetables. So feel free to dress it as you like at the moment. If you prefer crisp bread, then go for Knäckebröd, thin, which is made from rye flour and very thin.

Another typical dish eaten for breakfast is Muesli (I loveee it), a powerful mix of oats, cereals, dried and fresh fruits which you could find in each corner of the city. It goes perfectly with Filmjölk, a traditional fermented milk (similar to kefir).  What to drink beside? Of course, a super amazing cup of Kaffee (coffee) is what you need today 😉

2* Lunch in Muscat (Oman)

Having lunch in Muscat today? It sounds literally perfect. Omani mouthwatering traditional cuisine is ready to welcome you with its delicious and tasty products. Kahwa (coffee in Arabic), which is roasted and ground with cardamom powder, it is a very common beverage, often served as a symbol of hospitality. Madrouba is a spicy Omani porridge made with a combination of soft rice, chicken and plenty of colorful spices (as cumin, turmeric, garlic).

Looking for something super typical? Muqalab, tripe cooked with spices (cardamom, cloves, ginger, black pepper, nutmeg) is typical from the capital city. A special cake you need to try in Oman? Albadhinajan mae tawarikh, which is a mix of from eggplants, onions and dates. Simply amazing. Since you know my true love for desserts, then you can write down in your list Halwa: a sweet snack made from brown sugar, rose water, eggs, honey, nuts and several tasty spices. Last but not least a super magical glass of Omani Laban, a salty drink made of yoghurt and buttermilk which is just perfect to add in your amazing trip.

3* Dinner in Tirana (Albania)

Time to fly to Balkan peninsula to get our super dinner in Tirana, the beautiful capital city of Albania. One of my favorite food is Byrek, a tasty salty pie made with filo pastry. There are several kind of fillings, such as spinach (I do simply love this version), cheese and meat. Moving to another traditional dish, then you cannot avoid to taste the amazing Fërgesë. I just cannot stop eating it, since it is made with peppers, tomatoes, cheese, plenty of delicious spices and lots of love. Another super amazing choice (suitable also for vegetarians) is Speça me gjize: stuffed peppers with cottage cheese, rice and spices. I love them since the very first moment I enjoyed it.

When it comes to cakes, you know I am always paying special attention to them. Albania is able to offer you many interesting sweet choices, so it could be hard to decide which one to have firstly. What about trying Trilece (three milk cake), a very sweet, soft and milk cake? You will definitely not regret it 😉
Another well-known delicious option is the magical Baklava. This super dessert is a sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with honey, walnuts and pistachios. Do I need to add anything? Let us go and grab our slice of Baklava 😀

Haveee a super nice food tour 😉

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