Food tour: breakfast in Wien, lunch in San Jose, dinner in Kyiv

food tourGood morning travelers, are you ready for the food tour of today?
As a short introduction, I can tell you where we are going to enjoy the different meals of the day. Breakfast in Wien (Austria), does it sound cool? Definitely. What about having lunch in the wonderful country of Costa Rica, in its capital city San Jose? Best way to end the day is by enjoying a super yummy dinner in Kyiv (Ukraine).

Looking for several delicious typical dishes? Andiamooo 🙂

Food tour: breakfast in Wien, lunch in San Jose, dinner in Kyiv

1* Breakfast in Wien (Austria)

Waking up in Wien this morning? Perfect choice for starting your day. What is for breakfast? 🙂

  • Semmel, a type of breadroll that you can dress with jam and butter;
  • Gugelhupf, a yeast or sponge cake traditionally baked in a circular bundt mould (and a very fine taste that comes from chopped dried orange peels used in the dough). There are several versions which also include raisins and nuts. I do love them all! 😀
  • Boiled eggs (it is common to find also scrambled ones);
  • Vegetables (such as sweet peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes);
  • Muesli (there are many versions of it, all of them are amazing);
  • Coffee, tea, orange juice as a magical morning drink.

2* Lunch in San Jose (Costa Rica)

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, will be the best spot where to have our lunch. Any ideas? 🙂

  • Casado, a dish made with rice and beans, a salad, fried sweet plantains, and a protein – which could be either fish or meat;
  • Sopa negra is traditional black bean soup;
  • Arroz con pollo, which means chicken and rice;
  • Patacones (fried green plantains). The green plantain is peeled and sliced, quickly boiled and then fried: no surprise they are simply delicious;
  • Tres Leches, this dessert consists of three types of milk: regular, condensed and evaporated one;
  • Coffee or coconut milk as a great drink besides or after your delicious lunch.

3* Dinner in Kyiv (Ukraine)

Last but not least amazing meal of the day in Kyiv. Ready to get closer with the Ukrainian cuisine? 😉

  • Borscht, a super yummy vegetable soup, made of beetroot, cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes and other veggies (up to 20+ ingredients); I really like it 😉
  • Varenyky, dumplings with a variety of fillings, from sweet to sour (potatoes with mushrooms, fried onions, pickled cabbage, salty cheese, meat and even cherries);
  • Deruny, are amazing salty potato pancakes; to diversify the flavor, there are many options as meat, mushrooms, chopped onions and several spices;
  • Okroshka, a yogurt-based cold soup, with chopped radishes, cucumbers, boiled eggs, potatoes;
  • Uzvar, an amazing compote of dried fruits (especially dried apples, apricots and pears), refreshing and healthy.

Alwaysss discovering new dishes and cultures, that is the style 😉

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