Healthy spices: the magical power of cinnamon


I feel more energetic and powerful just by hearing the magical word of cinnamon. It is not a secret that this is one of my favorite spices from all around the globe. It suits perfectly with my beloved sweet dishes and this is probably why I keep it in my heart. When I started to read more information about it, I also realized how many benefits it has. This is why whenever I got the chance I feel free to add it on my dishes.

You will be always able to recognize cinnamon by its pungent aroma and its typical mid-brown colour.  Its great taste reminds me my childhood, since I still remember this super powerful spices was used as a key ingredient of many desserts that I love, like the cinnamon rolls. It has been love at first sight.


Talking more about its origin, cinnamon comes from Asia, being native to the area of India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. It started to be used as well in the Mediterranean area, by ancient Greeks and in Egypt: ancient Egyptians used cinnamon in their embalming process. This spice has been used also as a medicine for thousands of years, so the fact it is healthy and full of benefits it is not a big surprise.

The secret is adding it on many dishes, from breakfast (perfect for your yogurt) to dinner, through your daily snacks (I really suggest you to try and bake some biscuits or cakes by adding cinnamon, you will be delighted by it). If you are looking for a magical and healthy ingredient able to enrich the taste of your dishes, then you have just found it out.

One recipe: Cooked apples with raisins, pine nuts and cinnamon

(2 boiled apples, 30 gr. raisins, 20 gr. pine nuts, a bit of cinnamon)

As always I want to share with you a recipe that I am using to make. And again it is something very easy to make out and eat it all within 10 minutes. You know that when it comes to sweet food, Nico is not able to control himself.

All you need is peeling your apples and put it into some boiled water. Let them cook for 15/20 minutes, while adding from time to time a bit of cinnamon. After that you can also add raisins and pine nuts. Mix them up a bit and be ready for a wonderful and delicious food trip. If you like, you can also dress it with some topping (I use to have the red berries one).


Love you cinnamon!

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  1. Very beautifull !!!
    Thanks for these fantastic tips!
    I will certainly try the cinnamon
    Ciao, Monica


    1. Nicola Ferretti

      October 21, 2018

      Suuuper, I do love cinnamon and I bet you will enjoy it as well 😉


      1. You are welcome 🙂 🙂


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