Healthy spices tour: the amazing power of coriander


When I think of coriander, one of the first things that comes to my mind is its incredible taste and power. I discovered its flavor some years ago during a trip to UK and since that moment it became one of my favorite spices. Why adding a lot of extra salt to our recipes when we can simply dress them with plenty of healthy spices? I totally love coriander, yes I certainly do.
Beside adding a very amazing taste to your delicious dishes, it also brings many advantages to your body. It contains several vitamins and minerals which are able to increase your level of energy throughout the day; it is really perfect for dressing and make your soup even more special. Looking for a way to add big flavor with few calories? Coriander is the right answer 😉


Wondering about the origin of coriander? It is time to find out more about this special spice. Coriander, also known as Chinese parsley, has been known for years since it is one of the most healthy spices that we could access to. It is native to the Mediterranean area, from Southwestern Europe to Northern Africa and Western Asia. Nowadays it can be easily found all around the world, even if I see it is mainly used in the Asian cuisine.

One recipe: Carrot and Pumpkin soup with Coriander

What about making up a super healthy soup today? Today’s recipe is about combining the sweet flavor of carrots and pumpkin with the genuine taste of coriander and olive oil. I have had this soup yesterday evening and I am already looking forward for my next one. I got addicted, is not it? Ahah 😉


Preparation time: 20/25 minutes

Ingredients: 100 gr. carrots, 150 gr. pumpkin, 10 gr. pumpkin seeds, 10 cashews nuts, coriander, 1 spoon of olive oil)

1. First of all we need to peel carrots and pumpkin (into small pieces)
2. Shortly after let us boil them into a pot with 0,5 liter of water (15/20 minutes)
3. When these amazing vegetables are cooked, it is time to use a blender in order to make a creamy soup
4. Dress your soup with coriander and olive oil
5. Add pumpkin seeds and cashew nuts at the top

Aaand you are ready to enjoy your super amazing and healthy soup 😉


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