How to save precious time in your daily life in 8 quick ideas

relaxYou are not even able to wake up and enjoy your breakfast that it is already time to go to sleep. Time flies, have you ever noticed it? That is so true, anyway 24 hours per day should be kind of enough for you.

I know that most of times it does not work like this. It seems like you are always running out of time. Make your laundry, dry your clothes, go to work, eat your ice cream (there is always time for enjoying an ice-cream, right?), send some messages spreading love, sharing information, go and eat, repeat.

Have you ever thought about how much time are we wasting everyday in such a fool way? I mean, 24 hours are a big amount of time and we want to try and use them the best we could. Is not it?


So today it is the right time to start and check out how many activities we can change a bit or just cutting down some daily habits.

Ready to go?


8 quick ideas to save time in your daily life

*1 Check out notification on your phone anytime

We all know how it works. You take your phone from your pocket just because you may need to make an urgent call: you end up using it for half an hour. You start with sportive news and 30 minutes later you are looking for what you need to eat for keeping your diet ON. It is like a circle, that when starts to play you just cannot stop. You do not even know what you are doing with your phone in your hands, if somebody asks. I got an answer: we are wasting plenty of time on it.


*2 Staring at yourself in the mirror

Firstly you have to know that you are super beautiful. It does not matter how much time you are going to spend in your make-up, you do not even need it. Instead of wasting time alone in front of the mirror, just go out and show your beautiful smile to the whole world. You will feel so much better and with many minutes available to be filled in some other way.


*3 Schedule your day: firstly do the most important things

I do not like scheduling every single minute of the day, I do like improvising too and leave your creativity to express itself. Anyway, one thing I realized is that you need to write down (maybe you can start and do it weekly) the urgent matters with the closest deadlines and then go for them. Once you have done them, you can be sure that you have got some certain goals checked. And you do not end the week with many missing points.


*4 Look at your wardrobe

When it comes to choose what to wear on the job as well as for the party, we usually lose an endless amount of time. It does not matter the circumstance, I can easily imagine it: standing up in front of your closet wondering what you have to do, trying to choose the best outfit ever. Looking for something you do not even know, complaining that you need to go shopping as soon as possible.

Do you have 30 shirts? It is not enough.

Your wardrobe is full of 10 scarves? Yes, but…

Are not 15 pairs of sunglasses enough? Yes but the weather today is partly sunny so I should put on another type of them… If only your wardrobe and mirror could talk!


*5 Zapping on the TV: turn it off

I am not used to watch TV at all. To be honest I like watching it during breakfast time if I am able to find some music channels. All day long I do not even know what does TV mean. Anyway, when we find the TV turned on, we start and look randomly for something interesting, spending maybe half an hour just to get some cool series. And then, after all this big effort? We end up falling asleep on the couch, because this is exactly how it goes.

Well done: at least it is a good technique to help us fall asleep.


*6 Sit in front of the computer without anything to do

Technology part two. You can go back home in the evening and you may think of relaxing by turning on your laptop, even with nothing to do on it. So what, your idea of relax is looking randomly in your laptop for something interesting?

Let us be more creative, positive and efficient.

As an example in this situation you can turn your laptop on and put some relaxing music up, as a soundtrack of your evening.

And then continue to go around the house and do something you really need to.


*7 Think too much

One of the most important ones. Could you imagine how much time are you wasting just by getting lost into the thinking process? Too much. Really.

Try to follow your heart and instinct. When you do not want to do something, like joining a dinner or taking part into a training in the gym, do not waste time just thinking of what to do. If you already feel like you do not want to do it, send a message to your friend, to your personal trainer and postpone it or just skip it.

This way you will have more time to dedicate to yourself to do what you really like.

Easy and fast!


*8 A good archiving system

I am not talking only about saving documents in different folders on your laptop. Indeed, this is very important too. I am now thinking of many things, items and so on that we use every single day but you are leaving on different corners of your home. “Where did I put my glasses?” “What about the car keys? Has someone seen them?” I know it. You cannot imagine how much precious time we lose every single time just to look for things we constanly need.

About the most used ones, at least let us try to be more tidy as we can and we will surely enjoy plenty of benefits later on.


How many extra minutes have we got today? More time for ourselves!

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