Italian food tour: 3 cities, 3 typical dishes

food tourWhen it comes to attend an italian food tour, you can be sure it is going to be an amazing experience. Today it is time to explore 3 different dishes coming from 3 cities: Ferrara, Verona and Mantova. They are all located in northern Italy, very close in between each other. In case you are going to visit this part of Italy keep in mind you will find a delightful list of tasty and genuine dishes.

Are you getting hungry? Well done. This means we can move on and start this wonderful food tour.

Italian food tour: 3 cities, 3 typical dishes

*1 Ferrara

Ferrara is a city located in Emilia-Romagna region, full of beauties and wonderful buildings. There is a lot of things to explore, and today I wanted to suggest you one special dish: a genuine “Cappellacci alla Zucca”. This is a kind of pasta filled in with pumpkin, seasoned with parmesan cheese, olive oil, salt, pepper and nutmeg. I am a big fan of pumpkins, since I simply love its taste and it has also many good properties for your body. If you are heading to Ferrara, please be sure to take some time to go and enjoy this fantastic dish. You will always remember it!

*2 Verona

Verona, such a marvelous city, setting of a Shakespeare’s famous tragedy: Romeo and Juliet. Besides this, Verona is pretty popular for many other attractions and great quality of food. In here you can find amazing qualities of wine: I do suggest you to go and try them out, tasting them while enjoying the atmosphere of Adige river. Talking about the food, “Pandoro” (golden cake) is one of the most well known product around the world. This is mainly consumed during Christmas time (here are 7 italian Christmas desserts) but you can find it anytime. It is always the right time for a sweet treat!

*3 Mantova

It is time to head to Lombardia region, where it is located another italian gem: the city of Mantova. This city is able to surprise you thanks to its beauty and lots of history. It was the residence of Gonzaga family and still today you can feel in the air the atmosphere of ancient times. What to eat in Mantova? The list is quite long. My idea is to take a slice of “Sbrisolona”, a delicious typical cake where almonds are one of the key ingredients. After discovering it, I simply cannot resist to this dessert.


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