How to learn a new language in 7 easy steps

learn new languageWell, when it comes to start and study a new language you have to face many, several obstacles. It is not easy to learn properly even your own language, so yeah, a new one is going to be challenging for sure.

But you have to believe you will get to it. Do not look at the time, everyone have their own schedule, their own time. So, anyone can do it.

Bear in mind that sometimes it is hard even for native speakers to know well their own language: and this is my case. Since I have spent last years speaking mainly English, very often I do not even know how to translate some words from English into Italian language (my native one): really, I need to open more frequently some Italian book. I do really need that.

So do not be afraid and just keep going. You are on the right path.

Let us see some secrets that can help you in the learning process of the language you want to know more about.


*1 Find your own block note and a pen

So easy Nico, then? Yes, we have to start from somewhere. And so let us begin with this simple advice. Yeah, it may seems a stupid advice. But you need the basis to do your job properly: how can you believe that you can learn something without having the basic things? If you want to learn something new, you need to find something to write on that can keep for you some words you heard, some words you read, some words that are nice to have, to bring with you any day. How could you just keep in mind them all? It is easy: you just cannot.

So write them down, without any rule, just write them in your magic learning book!


*2 Speak to yourself

I love to speak to myself. It teaches you a lot. It gives you a lot.

You can even look at yourself through the mirror, when you feel inspired (okay, you may avoid to do it in the early morning, before having your cup of coffee). Anyway, just try to speak and pronounce random words helps you a lot. It is just the first step. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, actually you have to make them, there is nobody judging you. The more you do mistakes, the more you learn.

The pronounce is a key point. Since, above all, what matters is to be able to communicate with other people, to make them able to understand you.

Start and talk with yourself: this way, when you end up speaking with other people in the classes or somewhere else, you will be more ready to do it, without thinking of making mistakes.


*3 Believe in yourself, give time to yourself

I mean, if you do not trust yourself who will?

Learning a language is a process that you cannot do in a few hours. So, be ready, it will be not so easy and it will take time. No hurries, it should be just a pleasure.

Look at it like an hobby, something to study and learn more about it. Something to give you another point of view, to open your mind even more.

It takes time, energy and a lot of love for the new language itself and for yourself, indeed. It is one of the most important secrets to keep on going.


*4 Think out-of-the-box: listen to songs, read newspapers, sing your lyrics

It seems obvious, especially nowadays. And just because it seems like it, you have to put it into reality. I swear it works. This is a great secret, this is a super nice way to go through the new language. If you start and study some language and you have just your grammar  book besides, we can bet you will get bored in… 10 days, one week, or probably even after 10 minutes. So even if it could be necessary to have one “grammar” book beside (sooner or later it will be useful for sure), learning a new language in a nice way will help you a lot.  You will end up knowing many words and you will increase your vocabulary without any real effort.

Listen to some songs, take a look at the lyrics, sing if you want, it is for free.

Take another point of view: this is going to be your winning strategy.


*5 Buy a book written in this language, watch a movie

Once I received as a gift a book written in English and I thought “wow nice, it will be perfect to fit into my library”.

But when I opened it, it was like a new world appeared to my eyes, to my soul, to my vision. I liked the topic, I was not so fluent in English (for sure less fluent than today) and so I needed to push myself to understand the writing, its content, checking out from time to time many, many, many words on the vocabulary.

I needed to stop after reading each sentence. Yes, I did it. But who cares? Did I need to finish up to read the book within a certain period of time? No, I did not. So, I decided to take my time.

I felt so proud when I finished it: I could not believe it and I could not even realize how many new English words I got into my list. So, why do not try this road? Through a book, or also through a movie, with the subtitles in the language you want to learn.

It worked for me, so you can be sure it will perfectly work with you as well. Just try it!


*6 Get familiar with the country

When you are learning a new language, there are moments in which it seems something totally abstract. You can easily get lost, and you do not know where you are in your learning process.

One tip I want to share with you is to buy a tourist book, take a look on internet and find out some news, some curiosities about the country itself. When you know a bit of history, some geographical, economical or social facts, you get even more interested unconsciously in their language. And this make you more able to learn it quickly. It is like to discover a new environment, step by step, learning some new traditions from another perspective. And, what better than plan some trips in this country when you are a bit more able to speak their language?

So cool, traveler mode ON. Ready to travel, to speak a new language.


*7 Keep the focus on, do not compare yourself to the others

Everyone need their own time to learn, to understand, to do everything. Why getting sad that you need one year more than your friend to learn more about that language? This is not the point. The point is that you will learn the language. Who cares how much time you need. Just keep the focus on yourself and everything will be way easier.

And after a short time, you will be surprised by yourself. You will not be able to believe that the same person that didn’t know anything about that language, today can understand a bit more and even say out loud some sentences.

Suuuper amazing job!

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