Less time online, more offline: 6 surprising benefits

benefitsSince its appearance few years ago, the World completely changed because of internet. It has given us many benefits, starting from being in touch 24/7 with people you love and care about, to get free access to a wide range of opportunities and to discover events from around the world instantly.


Nowadays it seems way too obvious to have a phone or a laptop and to be always online. If you do not hear about some news within a few hours that it happened, people easily start to tell you “but where are you living? Are you on this planet or not? This event happened 3 hours ago and you still did not know nothing about it?” Exactly like this.


It seems like to be on internet is a must: it is kind of lifestyle and you cannot escape from it. Wrong. You can do it, as many times as you want. I must say I have never been phone addicted. Especially when you are out with your friends or having some meetings, well I just turn off my phone since I want to enjoy the conversation the most.


Some weeks ago it happened that, while travelling in Spain, suddenly my phone fell down onto the floor. The screen completely destroyed. Bye bye connection.

Exactly at that moment, I started to notice even more how many beauties of the city I was not paying attention to, because I was focusing on my phone: I started to understand how much I have been missing when I had the phone with me.


What if… you try to spend one day without your phone? No internet connection. No phone calls, no messages. Let us imagine it to be a Sunday.

A Sunday without your phone. Are we able to start this trip and find out all benefits related to it?



Your Sunday without phone: 6 surprising benefits

*1 Live your own life

Could you imagine how many times throughout the day you go and check out the notifications on your phone? Hundreds of thousands. During your boring lesson at university as well as just after sending an application form to apply for some company; waiting stuck into the traffic jam or even at home sitting on your couch.

Even when, worst of all, you are surrounded by people. Having lunch with friends, family, acquaintances: you just take a look at the phone. Again and again.

Keep your phone away for one day. You will be even able to find out what are you eating, not only taking the picture and posting it somewhere, without having a clue about it is in your plate. You will enjoy the company around you and discover one more thing about your friend. Lots of benefits for yourself. Pure ones.

You will enjoy your afternoon walk, while discovering a new corner of your city.

You will suddenly realize how much time we have in one day.

Time to invest it properly.


*2 Cut down your stress level

In a world where everyone tells you to hurry up and to not be late, keeping your phone away for a while is the best medicine ever. Imagine your phone not working properly. You got some message from your friend? Super nice, you do not need to be stressed about replying back in one minute.

It is not needed at all. If he/she is your friend, they understand you and you do not have to hurry up. You do not need to explain them anything.

Just relax. You will do it another moment. When you can. When it is possible.

Without being constantly under “social media attack” from messages and news, facts and reality you will feel way too good.

Your stress level will be cut down in a while. It will disappear.


*3 Discover more about yourself

What about going to the kitchen and making a nice healthy recipe for yourself, instead of wasting time by looking for something you do not even know?

You can also go for a walk. With your dog. Alone. When it is sunny or rainy.

You will see the reality in a different way, how it looks like for real. I do think this is one of most magical benefits.

You will discover a lot of things about yourself, any hobby or sport you have never considered before. Step by step, it will be a continuous discovery.

This is such a worthy, pure time.


*4 Build stronger friendships and relationships

You love your friends, that is nice.

So why do you need to be in touch every little second? Think of it for a while.

When you are not always connected with them you will realize how amazing is talking and discovering lots of new facts. New ideas. It will be amazing to go for a drink and having so many facts to talk about.

Go and pick up your friend at home, eat an ice cream together, face to face and you will discover many true news about their life. Guaranteed.

The power of human connection.

Without any intermediaries.


*5 More efficient and a positive mindset

You should always look at the others’ lives in a constructive way. What you see online (especially on social networks) most of the times does not represents exactly the reality of things. Consciously or unconsciously you start to make comparisons between your life and the ones of the other people. A famous character. A friend of yours. Even a perfect stranger.

Why wasting time on this? If you think about it for a while, you realize instantly that it does not make any sense. Getting rid of this, you will have more time to be more focused on your own goals and objectives, without wasting any time on internet frivolities; you will be free to think more about future plans and invest your time in an efficient way. You will develop your amazing, positive mindset.

Enjoying the freedom.


*6 Collect memories in your eyes and heart

Finally you are going to that park you always wanted to visit. Super cool, is not it? After planning it for days and waiting for this moment, all you do is visiting it with your phone in your hands, taking plenty of pictures, recording loads of videos, looking at the news while sitting on the bench for a quick relax.

Seriously? Try and turn off the phone and put it back into your bag.

Or even better: leave it directly at home.

Enjoy the real trip. The sound of the Nature, the fresh air of the woods, the environment around you, in its true colors.

Feel like a tourist. A tourist making its first step on planet Earth.


You will be the winner, while enjoying plenty of benefits. Amazing!

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