Love yourself? 12 cool tips to be super fit and enjoy the spring

springApril is already on the way and we start to enjoy spring vibes.

After a long autumn and winter we could not ask for anything more than a warm sun and plenty of hours of natural light.

This is basically the season in which many diets get to be implemented.

Lots of people head to the gym.

Anyone is going to look for the right diet: trying to find the magical recipe letting you know what should be eaten and what should be avoided.


Life is amazing and so cool.

Spring and summer too.

So why start and be worried about it? Our daily schedule is already full of events.

It does not make sense to add extra stress in it, does it?


If you want to be fit and keep your cool style, all you have to do is just live your amazing daily life and take care of some tips which will help you to be exactly as you want.


Wondering about secrets to keep fit?

Let me tell you that there are no secrets nor any magical diet to follow.

Just love yourself and you will get any goal.


12 Cool tips to be super fit and enjoy the spring

*1 Drink water

Let us be honest. What better than a glass of water when the weather starts to become warmer and warmer? Nothing.

A glass of room temperature still water is the best option to have several times per day. When? Start from the very beginning of the day. Especially in the morning, just after waking up you need to give some fuel to your body to let it start and to work properly. Also during the day, when you feel a bit hungry or tired or just realizing that you are missing something, grab your bottle of water.

Energy, vitality and positive vibes will come along it.

Water. Best choice ever.


*2 Walk or go cycling and park your car

You were waiting so long for spring and summer and now that the sun is up in the sky you are still driving or taking the bus? Come on, time to get more active and sporty.

Take some time with yourself and be brave. Go and walk for a while.

Today 10 minutes. Tomorrow 15 minutes. The day after tomorrow no walk at all.

Try to reduce the use of your car or public transportation system. Choose to walk. A bit.

It will help you to save money. To give more energy to you.

To be aware of the start of the spring. And to enjoy to the fullest the colors of the Nature.

Go for a walk. Rent a bicycle. Get off 2 bus stops earlier and walk a bit more.

Be brave. Be strong. Be curious of discovering Nature around. Love yourself.


*3 Always have breakfast

It does not matter if you have time or not. When I was going to my high school I used to wake up around 6.30am. In my University period, around 6am. For some period around 5.30am, other times around 6.15am.

I always found my time to have a proper breakfast.

Breakfast, right. The most important meal of the day.

The one where you can spend time with yourself. Nobody asks anything to you. All you need to do is boil some water and make your own coffee or tea.

And then sit and enjoy it while eating something you like. As easy as apple pie.

Like this, your body will have the necessary time and fuel to wake up properly.

You will be super energetic all day long and you will end up eating less times and also less quantity of food throughout the day.

When I skip breakfast, I feel hungry every single moment of the day. Any minute I can grab a snack, order one drink and having some cakes.

When I have breakfast (sitting 30 minutes to relax, eat and drink) I am able to control myself. Never feeling starving. Just enjoy any break or lunch and dinner and choose what I really want to eat.

And not what my empty (because the lack of morning breakfast) stomach wants to.


*4 Try to not have too many sugar drinks                

Besides drinking water, try to reduce the amount of other drinks you have during your day. During the day you are not even counting how many glasses you have:  one glass of your favorite soft drink, just before a glass of lemon tea and then one beer at night. It is still too much.

The point is to not to start to cut them all off just because you are on a diet.

It is not going to work. For any reason.

The more someone tells you “you must not, you should not”, the more you want to do it just because it is forbidden in some way. Right?

When you open the fridge, stop for a while. Choose water.

When you enter a bar after walking for one hour in the city, choose a bottle of water.

You have always the time and the chances throughout the day to have another kind of drinks.

Do not worry you will have it also today. But one soft drink instead of two.

And tomorrow too.

Next week you will realize you do not need even one glass of them.

Great job.


*5 Fifteen (15) minutes body exercises just after awakening

I know your reaction after reading this point.

Trust me. It is just a wrong impression.

After waking up everyone barely realize to be awake. To be alive. I know it.

For me it works the same as you, just to let you know.

But what about make 10 push-ups today? Only 10. Not one more nor one less.

Instead of wasting time by saying yourself “I want but I will do it another day”, you could have already done them.

Or just 10 abs.

Great job.

You did it and you probably have not realized yet.

You are still sleeping but you were able to make your morning gym session anyway. Perfect. Tomorrow we can do the same.

Keep it on. After some days you will end up doing 15 push-ups, or repeating the same exercies twice.

What did I tell you? 10, 15 minutes. Not more. Every day.

While waiting for your coffee to be ready.

Your training will be automatic after some days. You will not be able to stop.

You will end up to feel something missing when you are not able to do it, because you are on holiday or busy.

Short morning gym session? Cool. Your body is already saying thanks to you.


*6 More spices less sauces to dress your dishes

What about sauces? I know we are using to put them anywhere, since it is a fast and easy way to dress and add a lot of taste in one second to the dishes.

These sauces are actually your best enemy.

They are full of fatty acids. Basically you gain weight without being aware of it.

Quick solution? Make your own light sauce, like sour cream (or yogurt) or something similar if you cannot stop having them during your meals.

Or add some olive oil before serving the meal.

Or what about spices?

Turmeric, ginger, oregano, parsley, basil, cumin. I simply love them.

I use them instead of adding a lot of salt. They are tasty. Good. Healthy. Perfect.

So you can start and keep eating your beloved sauces, maybe just having 2 spoons of them instead of 3 ones.

Next week you will ended up adding only 1 spoon of sauce on it.

Until you suddenly realize you do not even need them to eat.

Just once in a while. To change and give yourself some kind of award.


*7 Smile: you are beautiful every day

Smile. I do not see any reason to not smile and shine the entire world today. When you are angry you are wasting plenty of time, you eat more and look at everything not with the right mood; you are not loving yourself.

Smile. No matter what.

Smile and look at yourself. You are amazing.

Just a few seconds and you will feel with more energy and power due to the wonderful care you are giving yourself.

You: always the best!


*8 Forget to check your weight out weekly (or should I write daily?)

After walking 10 minutes yesterday and not eating chocolate the last 2 days, do you really expect to have lost weight already?

Please. Stay far from the weight scale.

What is the purpose of checking out your weight today? And every single day?

Your body has not even realized how many calories you have cut off.

Breath in. Breath out. Why waste time wondering about gaining or losing a kilo from the day before? Take the scale and put it just outside the window.

You do not need it. It will not help to check out your progress.

Losing weight should be seen as a mid or long-term goal.

Take care of yourself by doing every day some tiny things which can help you.

You will realize to be on the right way just by looking at the mirror.

By looking at your sunny smile.

And by feeling more energetic.

Keep it and enjoy. You are starting to discover how much is nice to love yourself. And everything will come along will be just natural.


*9 Tired or hungry? Going to sleep is the best option

So tired after the whole week? I do believe it. After a long day, a long walk, a very busy schedule.

But today, before going to sleep you are also a bit hungry.

That is why you are starting to think of going and eat something.

But wait for a while. If you are tired enough, how could you think to manage and reach the kitchen, open the fridge and think of what to eat?

This looks like a very long process.

I give you another option: head to the bedroom. Fall asleep. It will be perfect.

You will feel light since you will not have anything to digest.

You will fall asleep as a baby. Without gaining stupid calories.

And you will wake up the following morning totally relaxed, rested and starving.

Then it will be time to breakfast. Perfect, is not it?

The best meal where you can enjoy and eat as much as you want.

All day is ahead of you. Lots of calories needed. Go and enjoy it.

(Here are some secrets to love breakfast even more – from a breakfast lover as me)


*10 Do not fall asleep just after having your meals

It is dinner time. You are so tired after the whole day at work. The week has been very tiring and busy and finally you are at home, ready to sit and have dinner.

This is so cool. Time to enjoy it, right? Of course.

Cut to 30 minutes later. Where are you?

Lying on the couch trying to find out what to watch on TV.

You do not even know what you are looking for. Outside it is raining. The dinner was great. So you are going to fall asleep. Right?

No, not anymore.

If you really love yourself, be far from the couch or bed for at least 30/40 minutes after the meals. Give enough time to your stomach and body to digest a bit.

You will feel way better. Ready to watch a movie from the beginning till the end.

To go out, to go and sleep properly.

Ready. Because relaxed and happy and in love with yourself.



*11 Do not confuse hungry with thirst

Sometimes it may happen that you feel hungry even if you have been eating all day long. You can be a bit stressed or you can be bored. So you come up with the idea of eating something.

Sometimes you feel super dynamic and still want to eat something.

Are you sure that you are hungry for real?

Many times all your body is asking for is just some more water.

You can easily confuse hungry with thirst. Try to drink more. You can also go for a coffee or a tea. And many times you will feel super okay afterwards.

Without any extra food to eat.

Other times, you will still feel hungry instead.

No worries at all.

It will not be a problem in this case as well. You will always find Nico waiting for you, ready to enjoy our ice-cream together.

Diet is not a daily strict plan with a tough schedule to follow.

Diet is a lifestyle.

To realize how to love yourself. To enjoy life. By giving yourself some gifts without any stressful diet. By respecting yourself and discover how to listen to your body.


*12 When starving, dream about your next travel destination

It can also happen that many times you are hungry without any reason.

You have been eating the whole day and you still have the feeling of eating something.

Actually there is nothing bad in it.

I do believe some days you are hungrier and others you think less about food.

It is called balance.

Anyway plenty of times your hunger comes out from nowhere: you may just watch an advertisement on TV, or some videos about a wonderful dish on social media.

So you want to eat something just because of it.

Then stop for a while. Are you sure you want it? You have had your lunch just 20 minutes ago.

When I feel like this, sometimes all I do is just look for some relax.

Do you know how? Starting to look and dream about the next travel destination.

Where to go next? What to explore? And what to discover?

I love geography. I love travelling as everyone does.

It is so amazing to start and find on the internet, in some books or anywhere, about new facts and curiosities about new cultures, countries, corners of the world.

When you watch your clock again, you will realize that 2 hours just passed.

Instead of eating lots of snacks you did not even want to, you have spent two hours lost in your dreams.

And now?

Oh, it is dinner time! Perfect then. Now it is the right time to go and eat.


Spring time: mode ON.

Smile: mode super ON!

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